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John A. Milner Fellowship Programme open for applications

The BHNRC and ODS are pleased to announce the request for applications for the 2016 John A. Milner Fellowship Program. Postdoctoral fellows will conduct research in the area of bioactive components in foods and dietary supplements and learn about the translation of nutrition science into policy. This program is inspired by the life and work of Dr. John A. Milner, who, until his untimely death, was the Director of BHNRC. Dr. Milner devoted his career to expanding knowledge about the mechanisms of action and the health effects of bioactive components of foods, while in academia, at NIH, and at BHNRC. During his federal career, some of his most active collaborations were with ODS at NIH. As credit to his work, there continues to be a highly productive and scientifically relevant partnership between the ODS and BHNRC. It is fitting, therefore, that these two agencies are joining forces to celebrate Dr. Milner by encouraging the careers of junior scientists interested in bioactive components of foods and dietary supplements. The Fellowship will also allow candidates to develop experience and skill at the crossroads of science and policy. For those who knew Dr. Milner, he also supported and encouraged research endeavors to further the understanding of foods and their components as they impact health as well as the treatment of disease.

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