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IUNS Welcome New Council and host city for ICN 2025 announcement

At the IUNS General Assembly in October during the IUNS-ICN in Buenos Aires, Adhering Bodies voted for their new IUNS Council for the period 2017 – 2021. After the voting had been counted and overseen by representatives of three Adhering Bodies (Denmark, Taiwan and Burkina Faso) the new Council was announced as:

President: Professor Alfredo Martinez (Spain)

President-Elect: Dr. Lynnette Neufeld (Canada)

Vice-President: Prof. V. Prakash (India)

Secretary General: Prof. Catherine Geissler (UK)

Treasurer: Prof. Helmut Heseker (Germany)


Council Members:

Prof. Benjamin Caballero (Argentina/USA)

Prof. Ali Dhansay (South Africa)

Prof. Hyun-Sook Kim (Korea)

Prof. Teruo Miyazawa (Japan)

Prof. Andrew Prentice (UK/Gambia)

Prof. Francis Zotor (Ghana)

The new Council will meet for the first time in early 2018.

In addition to the Council Election the General Assembly also voted on the venue for the 23rd IUNS-ICN in 2025. The contenders for this were Australia (Melbourne), USA (Honolulu, Hawaii) and France (Paris). At the end of the IUNS General Assembly the winner was announced as Paris, France. The President of the French Nutrition Society, Professor Monique Romon, and the Vice-President for International Affairs of the French Nutrition Society, Professor Jacques Delarue, thanked the General Assembly for their support and invited them to Paris in 2025.

For more information on each of the IUNS Council Members please visit their bio page on the IUNS website, accessible via this link.