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Giract European PhD in Flavor Research Awards – 14th Edition

Applications deadline: 31st October 2023
Promoting Flavor Research amongst PhD Students in Europe

Giract is proud to announce that, following the success of its unique and innovative programme to promote flavor research amongst PhD students in Europe across various universities and institutes, 9 industry sponsors will continue to support the programme, now in its 14th year. This consortium aims to raise awareness of the industry and career opportunities in order to increase the flavor research talent pool in Europe. The 8 sponsoring companies are:


This 14th edition is organised by Giract, in coordination with Andrea Cattaruzza, Director of AndCat Ltd and Professor Emeritus Andy Taylor of the University of Nottingham, UK.


To promote innovative flavor research amongst PhD students across European universities and research institutes. PhD students enrolled in universities and research institutes in 35 European countries (European Union, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and UK) are eligible to apply.

The project targets two different groups of PhD students:

  • Group 1: students who are about to complete their PhD.
  • Group 2: students who are about to commence their PhD studies and hence will soon be examining opportunities for employment.

This is translated into the following sub-objectives:
Publicise the attractions of flavor research so as to pull high calibre students into appropriate PhD courses and then into industry.

For Group 1:

  • Award bursaries to 6 selected students who are planning to commence their PhD studies in flavor science during the 2023/2024 academic year.
  • Enable the 6 winning 1st year PhD students the opportunity of visiting the laboratory of certain sponsor companies during the second year of their PhD studies, by using a part of their winning bursary amount for their travel and stay. This will enable them to obtain a first-hand view of an industry R&D centre
  • Application deadline is on October 31, 2023.

For Group 2:

  • Solicit and evaluate innovative flavor research projects amongst these students.
  • Provide the Annual Savory Flavor & Food Industry Conference, held in Geneva in the spring of each year, as a platform for the winning student to present his/her work to ‘potential employers’.

For more information and application forms please visit: