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Remembering the Legacy of Dr Noel W Solomons: A Significant Figure in Nutrition Science

With profound sadness, we announce that Dr Noel W Solomons, a revered legend in nutrition science, passed away on 23rd March 2024. Dr Solomons made an indelible impact on the scientific and academic spheres through his research, advocacy, and dedication to enhancing global health.

Dr Solomons’ contributions to nutrition science are unparalleled. He played a pivotal role in the work of the IUNS, serving as the chair of one of our Task Forces on Diet Nutrition and Long-Term Health. His visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of advancing the understanding of nutrition’s profound impact on long-term health have left an enduring legacy.

In recognition of his extraordinary achievements, Dr Solomons was bestowed with the prestigious IUNS Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. This honour stands as a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field of nutrition, particularly in regions of global significance, working tirelessly in developing countries. His prolific career is marked by over 300 publications, numerous edited books, more than 100 non-indexed articles, and over 50 book chapters. Dr Solomons’ contribution embodies a wealth of knowledge and insights that continue to shape the world of nutrition science.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr Solomons was renowned for inspiring countless students, colleagues, and aspiring nutritionists with his passion for scientific inquiry as a professor.

Our heartfelt condolences go to Dr Solomons’ family, friends, and colleagues during this challenging time. As we mourn the loss of Dr Solomons, let us also celebrate his remarkable legacy and the profound impact he has had on nutrition science and public health. His contributions will continue to inspire future generations of researchers and practitioners to strive for excellence in advancing the frontiers of nutritional science.