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IUNS Council invites all its Adhering Bodies, no matter their status within IUNS, to nominate a delegation to attend the upcoming virtual General Assembly.

Adhering Bodies in good standing can nominate one (1) voting delegate to attend the General Assembly on behalf of their Adhering Body. In addition to the voting delegate, up to five (5), non-voting delegates from Adhering Bodies can act as observers. Observers have no voting rights at the General Assembly but can attend to watch proceedings. 

Adhering Bodies that are not in good standing can register a maximum of two (2) members, who will have non-voting, observer status only.

Please submit the name of your voting delegate and any observers who wish to attend by 10 June 2024 

Unsure if your Adhering Body is in good standing? Contact us now to find out

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Attendance at the IUNS General Assembly is strictly limited to our members and associated organisations.