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Regional Affiliated Bodies

A regional body within the IUNS is a specialized organization of societies that operates at a regional level covering more than one country. They can collaborate with IUNS to advance nutrition science, research and education. These bodies facilitate communication, knowledge exchange, and capacity building among nutrition professionals, researchers, and policymakers. They organize conferences, workshops, and training programmes, some advocate for evidence-based policies and addressing regional nutritional challenges to improve population health.

Affiliated Bodies

An Affiliated Body of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) refers to an independent organization or association working in international nutrition subspecialty association or other scientific institution, that has established a formal relationship with the IUNS to collaborate and align their efforts in promoting nutrition science, research, education, or policy implementation. These bodies operate autonomously but work closely with the IUNS to exchange knowledge, share resources, and contribute to global nutrition initiatives, fostering a network of expertise and cooperation to address nutritional challenges and improve public health worldwide.

Affiliated Bodies are appointed by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Council. 

If your organisation is interested in joining IUNS as an Affiliated Body, please complete this application form, and return to the IUNS Office.