15th Congress on Nutrition: Food, Nutrition and Health within the Framework of Sustainable Development

The Serbian Nutrition Society is organising the 15th Congress on Nutrition, its main activity, in Belgrade from 20th to 22nd November 2024.

The theme of the Congress is ‘Food, Nutrition and Health within the Framework of Sustainable Development’. The Congress will cover:

  • Food and Nutrition within Sustainable Food Production
  • Nutrition During the Life Course
  • Food, Nutrition and Noncommunicable Diseases
  • Drinking Water Safety, Availability and Sustainability
  • Food with Added Value, Dietary Supplements and Novel Food
  • Food, Packaging Materials, Climate and Environment

Important dates:

Registration open – 1st April 2024

Abstracts submissions open – 1st April 2024

Deadline for abstracts submission – 31st July 2024

Latest day for the abstract acceptance replies – 31st August 2024

For more information, please visit the Congress website.

The Serbian Nutrition Society has also published a scientific journal ‘Food and Nutrition’ (Hrana i ishrana in Serbian) since 1960. The papers are are written in English. More information about the published papers, please use the keyword ‘Hrana i ishrana’ to search on this website.

Upcoming Webinars from the Canadian Nutrition Society

There are several upcoming Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) webinars this month.

16th May: Dietary Counselling as a Therapeutic Approach for Mood and Anxiety Disorders – Application of New Clinical Trial Findings

Discover dietary counselling as a therapeutic approach for mood and anxiety disorders with speakers Monique Aucoin, ND MSc, and Laura Lachance, MD MSc. Gain insights and practical strategies from new clinical findings.

Explore how diet influences mental health and learn when dietary counselling can be safely provided. Discover the latest clinical trials, including the world’s first using dietary counselling to treat generalized anxiety disorder. 

Looking for more information about this webinar? Visit here.

Interested in joining this webinar? Register here.

31st May: Nourishing the brain: Enhancing Brain Myelination and Cognition in Children via Early Nutrition

Join us as we explore nourishing the brain and enhancing cognition in children through early nutrition. Dr. Deoni, Director of the Advanced Baby Imaging Lab at Brown University, will 

delve Into the critical first 1000 days of brain growth and cognitive development.

Discover the fascinating interplay between brain microstructure changes, neurodevelopment, and the delivery of essential nutrients during this pivotal period. Gain insights into non-invasive methods for investigating early neurodevelopment and the profound impact of nutrition on brain myelination and cognitive function.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest research findings and the potential to optimize neurodevelopment through improved nutrition.

Looking for more information about this webinar? Visit here.

Interested in joining the webinar? Register here.

The Future of Food is Now: IUFoST 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology

The 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology will be held in Rimini, Italy from 8th – 12th September 2024. This year the theme of the Congress is ‘The future of food is now: Development, Functionality & Sustainability’.

Thirteen engaging topics about food science and technology will be covered at the Congress. They include:

– Food Technology, Processing and Engineering

 -Future of Food Manufacturing

– Product development and Innovation

– Packaging Materials and Technologies

– Sensory & Consumer Science

– Nutrition & Health

– Traditional Food for the Future

– Food Quality, Safety & Regulations

– Supply Chain Management

– Education and training for green (or sustainable) and innovative food systems

– Innovation in Agri- and Aqua-Technology

– Public-Private Partnership & Open Innovation

– Food Security and Sustainability

The full list of topics is available on the Congress website now. Check out all topics here and don’t forget to register.

Apply to be an ANH Academy Regional Trainer – Call for Educators in Asia

ANH Academy launched the Curriculum Enrichment Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme earlier this year and is now launching a second workshop for university educators in Asia.

Join a comprehensive Curriculum Enrichment Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme and become a certified trainer in interdisciplinary teaching.

Attend a 5-day in-person workshop in Sri Lanka from 25-29 November 2024. Learn new skills and adapt teaching methods for agriculture, food systems, nutrition, and health topics. This is an opportunity to enhance your teaching abilities and contribute to capacity-building in your region.

Applications close on 24 May 2024. Apply to be an ANH Academy Regional Trainer – Call for Educators in Asia | ANH Academy (anh-academy.org)

Registration Open: 9th annual Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy Week Learning Labs

9th annual Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy Week Learning Labs
Online, 17 – 20 June 2024

The ANH Academy Week is a series of annual events that bring together the community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the intersection of agriculture, food systems, nutrition, and health. 

Registration is now open for ANH2024 Learning Labs.

Join the global community at the 9th annual Academy Week, where experts converge to explore agriculture, food systems, nutrition, and health.

ANH2024 offers a rich online programme of Learning Labs, brought to you by ANH Academy partners worldwide. Plus, look out for regional in-person events throughout the year!

Participation is free and fully online. Visit their website for the full programme details. Academy Week | ANH Academy (anh-academy.org)

Opportunity: Researcher and Programme Manager

Researcher & Programme Manager
Apply by 10 May

TABLE is a global platform for thinking and dialogue on priority concerns and contestations around the future of food. It seeks to facilitate informed discussions about how the food system can become sustainable, resilient, just, and ultimately “good,” and to set out the evidence, assumptions, and values that people bring to food system debates.

TABLE is seeking a full-time individual with managerial experience to join an international team. Applicants must be keen to combine knowledge exchange, science communication and programme management with some postdoctoral work.

Remembering the Legacy of Dr Noel W Solomons: A Significant Figure in Nutrition Science

With profound sadness, we announce that Dr Noel W Solomons, a revered legend in nutrition science, passed away on 23rd March 2024. Dr Solomons made an indelible impact on the scientific and academic spheres through his research, advocacy, and dedication to enhancing global health.

Dr Solomons’ contributions to nutrition science are unparalleled. He played a pivotal role in the work of the IUNS, serving as the chair of one of our Task Forces on Diet Nutrition and Long-Term Health. His visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of advancing the understanding of nutrition’s profound impact on long-term health have left an enduring legacy.

In recognition of his extraordinary achievements, Dr Solomons was bestowed with the prestigious IUNS Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. This honour stands as a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field of nutrition, particularly in regions of global significance, working tirelessly in developing countries. His prolific career is marked by over 300 publications, numerous edited books, more than 100 non-indexed articles, and over 50 book chapters. Dr Solomons’ contribution embodies a wealth of knowledge and insights that continue to shape the world of nutrition science.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr Solomons was renowned for inspiring countless students, colleagues, and aspiring nutritionists with his passion for scientific inquiry as a professor.

Our heartfelt condolences go to Dr Solomons’ family, friends, and colleagues during this challenging time. As we mourn the loss of Dr Solomons, let us also celebrate his remarkable legacy and the profound impact he has had on nutrition science and public health. His contributions will continue to inspire future generations of researchers and practitioners to strive for excellence in advancing the frontiers of nutritional science.

International Collaboration on Nutrition in relation to Cancer Spring 2024 Newsletter

International Collaboration on Nutrition in relation to Cancer (ICONIC) stands as a formal Task Force of the IUNS, representing a partnership among global entities dedicated to addressing the intersection of nutrition and cancer. These entities include the World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International), the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the International Malnutrition Task Force (IMTF), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the UK NIHR Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration.

ICONIC has just published its Spring 2024 newsletter. In this latest update, it shares what is coming up in 2024, others news on activities from some of their members and features on their core team member in Africa.

You can read the full newsletter here. If you are interested in directly receiving their regular updates on activity, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

New Grant Open: IUNS Re-integration Grant

The IUNS Re-integration Grants are back.

Designed to support early-career nutritionists who have recently completed their doctoral studies in developed countries, the grants provide financial assistance for various essentials needed to transition smoothly into a new role. For eligible applicants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, there is an opportunity to apply for a grant valued at up to $5,000.

Visit our IUNS Re-integration Grants page under Recognition and Awards for more information, to see how our previous awardees benefitted from the grants, download the application forms and apply to be the next awardee before 31 October 2024.

Submit your nomination for the International Congress of Obesity Awards

The deadline for submitting your nomination for the ICO Awards is less than one week away, Friday 23 February.

These prestigious awards recognise outstanding achievements in research and contributions to the field of obesity. Recipients will receive travel, accommodation and registration to ICO in Sao Paulo and a speaking slot in the programme. This excellent opportunity should not be missed!

  • Willendorf Award
    Recognises outstanding clinically oriented research. Candidates for this award must demonstrate substantial contributions to clinical research related to obesity.
  • Wertheimer award 
    Candidates must demonstrate substantial and outstanding basic research contributions related to obesity.
  • William Philip T James1 award 
    Acknowledges outstanding achievement in surveillance, prevention and management of obesity and overall contribution.
  • Emerging Leader award 
    This award is for outstanding advocacy efforts in the field of obesity and recognised youth proposed solutions to address overweight & obesity. Must be under 30 years old.

For Willendorf, Wertheimer or William Philip T James Award you will need the following items submitted with your nomination form:

  • At least one letter of recommendation to support the nomination endorsed by 2 individuals (this can be the nominator and another)
  • Summary CV of nominee – with example list of publications
  • 3 key papers in PDF format (optional)

For the Emerging Leader Award the nominee will need to upload:

  • At least one letter of recommendation to support the nomination endorsed by 2 individuals
  • Personal statement (maximum 2 pages)

Complete the nomination form here and email for any questions please contact ico@worldobesity.org.

  1. William Philip T James was our Council Member from 1997 to 2001 and Vice President from 2001 to 2005. He was also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 for his outstanding contributions to nutrition of regional or global significance working in a developing country. ↩︎