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IUNS collaborations & Task Force published reports

Highlights of IUNS activities for 2005-09

Nutrition Leadership Training in North-East Asia; an IUNS initiative in conjunction with nutrition societies.

Partnership between IUNS and Unilever

IUNS-Unilever Partnership of Salt Reduction

Memorandum of Understanding (‘MoU’) between IUNS and Unilever, February 2009.

Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism publications

IUNS News – September 2016 ‘Ecosystem Dependence of Healthy Localities, Food and People’ Prof. Mark L. Wahlqvist

IUNS News – July 2016 ‘Food Fortification : Moving from Knowledge to Alignment to Action through the Formation of a Technical Advisory Group and Global Summit’ Greg S. Garrett – Director, Food Fortification, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

IUNS News – May 2016 – Report from 55th IUNS Council Meeting

IUNS News – November 2015

IUNS News – August 2015

IUNS News – June 2015

IUNS News – February 2015

IUNS News – December 2014

IUNS News – June 2014

Annals of Internal Medicine Publication

To view the latest letter publication in association with IUNS on ‘Association of Dietary, Circulating and Supplement fatty acids with coronary risk’ click here.

Other IUNS Publications

Program and Impressions of the International Expert Meeting, Health Significance of Fat Quality of the Diet, Barcelona, Spain, February 2009.

Presentation by Dr. Pekka Puska at the International Expert Meeting.

Presentation by Dr. Ibrahim Elmadfa at the International Expert Meeting.

Presentation by Dr. Trevor Acreman at the International Expert Meeting.

Presentation by Dr. Hans Zevenbergen at the International Expert Meeting.

Plenary Discussion Points by Moderator: Dr. Berthold Koletzko, at the International Expert Meeting.

IUNS Review of Publishing Ethics: Recommendations.

IUNS 2007 Summary Report to the International Nutrition Community.

IUNS 2006 Summary Report to the International Nutrition Community.

Statement on Benefits and Risks of Genetically Modified Foods for Human Health and Nutrition

U.S. National Committee to the International Union for Nutritional Sciences Global Survey

International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS): An Overview

IUNS Newsletters

IUNS Newsletter – October 2018

IUNS Newsletter – May 2018

IUNS Newsletter – October 2017

IUNS Newsletter – March 2017

IUNS newsletter – September 2016

IUNS newsletter – March 2016

IUNS newsletter – August 2015

IUNS newsletter – November 2014

IUNS newsletter – April 2014

IUNS newsletter – February 2013

IUNS newsletter – August 2012

Professor Osman Galal: Nutrition-related health patterns in the Middle East