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IUNS is currently accepting applications from Adhering Bodies, in good standing, interested in hosting the next IUNS International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in their country. Since selecting the next ICN organiser is a lengthy process, we strongly urge you to submit a formal Letter of Intent to host ICN-2029 to the IUNS Secretariat by January 30, 2024, by midnight GMT.

The letter must be signed by the Current President or equivalent of your Adhering Body and another board member, as they are the only authorised representatives for this purpose. We kindly request that your letter includes:

1. Proposed location of IUNS-ICN: Please specify the city and country where you envision hosting ICN-2029.

2. Size of the plenary hall: Provide details about the capacity and facilities of the plenary hall that will accommodate the main sessions of the congress.

3. Number and size of break-out rooms: Outline the number and dimensions of break-out rooms available for parallel sessions, workshops, and discussions during the congress.

4. Nearby hotel accommodation: Offer information about the availability and variety of nearby hotels to accommodate the diverse needs of our participants.

5. Accessibility: Describe the travel options for international delegates to attend the proposed ICN.

Upon submission of your letter of interest to host the next ICN, you will enter a shortlisting process as detailed in the timeline below. The host is selected democratically, in an election during the General Assembly of IUNS, scheduled to take place during the next ICN in Paris, France in August 2025. The awarded Adhering Body commits to hosting ICN-2029 as proposed in its bid. They will be required to enter into a contract with IUNS to deliver the 2029 Congress.

After the IUNS Secretariat receives all applications, the council will discuss them in the first council meeting in March 2024 and you will be informed regarding the next steps.

We are looking forward to receiving your letter of interest. 

Please send you letter of interest to the IUNS secretariat at the .