Call for nominations: 2022/2023 NSTF-South32 Awards

The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) calls for nominations for the 25th NSTF-South32 Awards.
These prestigious awards honour South African innovation in science, engineering, and technology (SA). South32 co-brands since 2012. The honours are called the NSTF South by Southwest Awards (NSTF-South32 Awards).

IAEA & EAGEN joint webinar

IAEA & EAGEN joint webinar on A novel 13C-Sucrose Breath Test to assess gut health and sugar intake in the context of the double burden of malnutrition will take place on 17 November at 15:30 CET.

Nutrition at the 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27)

The UN-Nutrition has announced the holding of 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt from 6 to 18 November. Food systems are a top priority at COP27. UN-Nutrition will continue to raise awareness about the links between diets, food systems, and climate change, as well as the significance of solving nutritional and environmental concerns through joint policy alternatives that benefit people and the planet.

GIRACT’S European PhD in flavour research awards 2022/2023

Giract is pleased to announce that for the 13th year, 5 industry sponsors will support the programme, which enables PhD students at European universities and institutes to pursue taste research. This group promotes taste research and related jobs across Europe to attract talent.
Project targets two PhD student groups:
PhD candidates seeking employment
PhD-bound students

Sustainability and Mediterranean diets – IUNS and FENS to collaborate on joint international Task Force

The IUNS Task Force on Sustainable Diets and FENS Task Force on Mediterranean Networking held a joint session on “Assessing and Promoting the Mediterranean Diet” during the 3rd World Conference on revitalization of Mediterranean Diet organized. This session combined the FENS Task Force on Mediterranean Networking and the IUNS Task Force on Sustainable Diets to form a new international group.

Silver star shaped award in front of a red background

Dr Nevin S Scrimshaw Prize Winner

IUNS are pleased to announce, Dr Camila Corvalán, of Chile is the inaugural winner of the Dr Nevin S. Scrimshaw prize.
Dr Corvalán will be presenting a plenary lecture during the closing ceremony of the IUNS-ICN in Tokyo on 11 December, co-chaired by the current President of IUNS, Professor J. Alfredo Martinez and President Elect, Dr Lynnette Neufeld. 

Visa changes – Japan

Japan has announced that independent tourists can visit Japan visa-free from October 11 2022.

68 countries and regions will no longer need to apply for a visa to travel to Japan to attend the IUNS-ICN.