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Professor Jacques Delarue

Portrait of Professor Jacques Delarue

Jacques Delarue is MD, PhD, and Professor of Nutrition at Brest University since 2000. He chairs the Department of Nutritional Sciences of the University Hospital of Brest.  He obtained his MD and PhD at the University of Tours. He has been a post-doc fellow at the Institute of Physiology of Lausanne (director: Professor Eric Jéquier) under the supervision of Professor Luc Tappy. 

His field of research is about the protective effect of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids towards insulin resistance associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes (rodent and human models). 

He is the current President of the French Nutrition Society, Secretary General of FENS, and chairman of the Task Force on Mediterranean Networking of FENS. He is a Member of the International Scientific Committee for the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet and has co-organized symposia during the 3 World Conferences organized by IFMeD and CIHEAM Bari in Milan (2016), Palermo (2019) and Bari (2022). 

Professor Jacques Delarue was elected Secretary General of FENS in 2019; he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the next FENS Congress in Belgrade and has been a Member of the Scientific Committee of the FENS Congress in Dublin (2019). Concerning other international functions, he is the new Secretary General of IUNS and President of the IUNS-ICN Congress in Paris 2025 co-organized by the French Nutrition Society, French Federation of Nutrition, FENS and IUNS.