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Guidelines – Nominating Committee

At the Osaka, Japan Council Meeting (March 2002), the Council suggested an improved process of choice of members of nominating committees.  To ensure an equitable level of engagement of the Adhering Bodies, the IUNS Council recommended improvements in the process by which nominations are developed by the Nominating Committee and by the General Assembly, as follows:

  • Adhering Bodies should receive additional encouragement to provide nominees to the General Secretary.  This would ensure a wider slate of candidates, maximizing the opportunity for regional representation.  Council will actively pursue nominations from all Adhering Bodies starting 12 months prior to the General Assembly, with nominations due 6 months prior to the General Assembly.
  • To enhance the process of informed choice, the Council now requires that each nomination is accompanied by a written Candidates Statement of less that 500 words, sent electronically to the General Secretary, that supplies information about each candidate’s relevant background and institutional affiliation, qualifications and potential contributions to the IUNS.
  • The Nominating Committee will meet and decide on their slate of nominees, and post their names and biographical statements by the evening 2 days prior to the 1st General Assembly meeting.
  • Mindful of the rule that candidates nominated from the floor of the General Assembly must be acceptable to their Adhering Body, such candidates must also supply a written Candidate’s Statement of less that 500 words, and written evidence that there is no objection by their Adhering Body.  These statements must be supplied to the General Secretary in time to be posted on the evening of the day prior to the 1st General Assembly meeting.  This will permit the preparation of a consolidated list of nominees from the Nominating Committee and the floor.  Nominees from the floor will be formally presented, by name and affiliation only, at the 2nd General Assembly meeting, without discussion.
  • The vote will then proceed according to IUNS Rules of Procedure.