World Obesity Federation: Abstracts from the International Congress on Obesity 2024

The World Obesity Federation held an amazing International Congress on Obesity 2024 (ICO 2024) from the 26th to 29th of June in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In case you missed it, all abstracts from the ICO 2024 are available online for you to explore.

Obesity Reviews: Volume 25, Issue S1 Abstracts of the International Congress on Obesity

Also, the Federation has just announced that the next ICN will be hosted in 2026 in Mexico City! Mark your calendars for another inspiring and impactful event.

22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology is coming soon

The 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology (World Food Congress) is coming soon. The programme is packed, representing global scientific innovation, expertise, breakthroughs and research news. Join the Congress to learn the conclusions and output of the interdisciplinary Task Force on Food Processing for Nutrition, Diet and Health and to hear global expert reactions from leaders in many fields. Take time to meet new colleagues and greet old friends again!

The Programme at a Glance is now ONLINE. Stay tuned for the complete programme which will be available soon.

Congress events include:

  • Early Career Scientist Pre-congress session (must register to join);
  • Multiple special sessions featuring the breadth of work in the global field including the latest highlights from disciplinary and special interest groups of IUFoST – Nanotechnology, Precision Nutrition, Food Engineering, Education, AI, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods;
  • Major presentations from FAO and Codex, panel discussions with WHO, UNIDO and other UN related scientists as well as outstanding leaders;
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial panels featuring and discussing innovation and challenges of global food industry;
  • Academy sessions, the Induction ceremony of 25 new Fellows, the Distinguished Lecture and recognition of Lifetime Achievement and Young Researcher award recipients;
  • Awards, awards, awards – for students, papers, graduates, PhD Students, industry, Global Excellence in every sphere and recognising the Young Scientists chosen by their countries and the International Jury to represent the best in young science to the congress.

Much more is waiting for you in the beautiful seaside town of Rimini, Italy from the 8th to 12th September. See you there!

New data – focused approaches and challenges

Nutrition Society Congress 2024, the flagship event of the Nutrition Society, is taking place from 2nd July to 5th July 2024 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The theme of this Congress will be ‘new data – focused approaches and challenges’. The discipline of nutrition science is diverse in nature – encompassing the study of human health from a molecular to a public health level, and from an ingredient or nutrient level to positioning as part of a (sustainable) global food system. Recognising this diversity, the data used to underpin and inform nutrition science are complex, stemming from a variety of sources. The aim of this congress is to provide an overview of the diversity of the data collected and used within the field of nutrition science and how analysis of this data has and can be used to progress the discipline.

This year you will have greater opportunity to engage with more nutrition science than ever before. In 2024 the core programme will be delivered by the Irish Section of The Nutrition Society, supported by the Science Committee. Outside of the core programme you will have the chance to hear the latest research from the Society’s partner organisations, universities, the private sector and more, on a diverse range of research.

We wish the Nutrition Society a fruitful Congress!

ICN 2025: Abstract Submission Opening Soon

The 23rd International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) of IUNS will be held at Palais des Congrès, Paris, from 24-29 August 2025.

The main theme is “Sustainable Food for Global Health”. However, alongside this main theme, all the fundamental, clinical, epidemiological and social aspects of Nutrition will be addressed in the form of lectures, symposia, oral communications and posters.

The Organizing and Scientific Committees of the IUNS International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), cordially invite participants involved in Nutrition Research to submit abstracts either for oral presentation or for poster presentation.

The open date for submissions is 19 July 2024. Please stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!

Visit the ICN website

Nutrition 2024: Where the Best in Science & Health Meet

NUTRITION 2024 is the annual flagship meeting of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). It will take place this weekend from 29th June to 2nd July at McCormick Place (West Building) in Chicago, IL.

Nutrition 2024 is a dynamic event with groundbreaking research, live interaction, and unparalleled networking opportunities that can elevate your career. There will also be:

  • Scientific symposia and educational sessions, original research studies presented in oral and poster sessions and flash talks
  • Award lectures delivered by distinguished leaders
  • Professional and career development opportuniies
  • Special sessions and events planned by ASN’s vibrant scientific communities known as Groups Engaging Members (GEMs)
  • Opportunities to network and engage with members of the nutrition community from around the globe
  • Access to the latest technology, services and products

Some of the exciting content for NUTRITION 2024:

  • New technologies take center stage in sessions focused on Nutrition for Precision Health data generation centers, and the use of AI and machine learning in nutrition and obesity research.
  • Discover advancements in nutrition and development that can inform interventions that benefit mothers and children.
  • Explore new frontiers in areas such as environmental exposures and nutritional immunology, and hepatic ketone production as the governing factor in determining fatty liver and type 2 diabetes.
  • Discuss lessons learned in implementing behavioral interventions and reducing barriers to diabetes prevention strategies.
  • Learn how to foster successful industry-academic partnerships and mind your mental health in interactive workshops.
  • Connect with leaders in the federal government as you learn what to expect during peer review and how to draft a successful grant proposal.

And much more at NUTRITION 2024.

We wish the ASN, all delegates and attendees a wonderful conference in Chicago!

2024 Nutrition Congress: Early Bird Registration Closing Soon

The 2024 Nutrition Congress (#2024nutritioncongress) will take place in the coastal city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, from 2 to 4 October 2024 with a thematic focus on ‘Spearheading Nutrition for All.’

Multiple, complex challenges mar the nutrition landscape and impact the nutritional status, health and well-being of individuals and communities, with potential devastating consequences for future generations. At the same time, the health system is dynamic and progressing towards universal health coverage, offering both opportunities and challenges for nutrition to be placed as the foundation for optimal health. 

Bringing practitioners, scientists, academia, policy makers, development partners and other food and nutrition stakeholders together, the 2024 Nutrition Congress will provide opportunities to elevate sharing and learning. It will also be a prominent platform to showcase cutting-edge research, participate in dialogue and lively discussions, enhance your professional development and forge partnerships. 

The four presenting categories explore the latest science across nutrition, from the prevention and treatment of disease, through food and nutrition technology, to professional practice. Whatever your role is within food and nutrition, from critical care to food product development, this congress holds something for you.

The early bird registration will be closing soon on 27 July 2024. Register now to enjoy the early bird rate!

The 9th Africa Nutrition Conference, 7 – 11 Oct 2024

The 9th Africa Nutrition Conference (formerly known as the Africa Nutrition Epidemiology Conference, but still retaining its signature acronym ANEC) will be held in the historic and picturesque city of Cape Coast in Ghana 7th to 11th October 2024. In line with the philosophy of the African Nutrition Society (ANS) and its ANEC conferences, the ANEC IX Conference theme has been chosen to highlight and reflect the succession of global and regional crises and issues currently impacting on nutrition and health, and their implications for research, practice, advocacy and the training of nutrition and health professionals in Africa.

This year’s theme is “FOOD AND NUTRITION IN A CHANGING WORLD: Implications for nutrition security and health in Africa”. It addresses key critical global issues which impact food and nutrition security and the food supply chain. The theme also reflects current global dialogues and national commitments to food systems transformation for a better world. In recognition of the importance of, and to motivate government actors, policymakers, programme implementers and international development partners, we have chosen a policy-practice-facing theme with sub-themes that speak directly to national needs, commitments and targets for their food systems by 2030.

ANEC IX brings together students, academics, trainers and practitioners, as well as government and non-government actors, multilateral and bilateral organizations. The conference provides a forum for exchange of new knowledge and innovative approaches for the management of national priorities.  Such discussions are complemented by country specific public engagement activities. The conference partners with media and modern communication technologies, assisted by supporting social marketing and advocacy efforts.

Venue: University of Cape Coast – North Campus, Cape Coast, Ghana
Date: Monday 7th – Friday 11th, October, 2024

International Congress of Nutrition 2025

One of the most prominent events of the IUNS is the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) every four years. Our next ICN will be held in Paris, from 24th to 29th August 2025, with the theme ‘Sustainable Food for Global Health’.

Alongside the main theme, you can look forward to all the fundamental, clinical, epidemiological and social aspects of nutrition delivered in the form of lectures, symposia, oral communications and posters.

This congress features eight major scientific topics:

  1. The future of nutrition recommendations
  2. Climate change, sustainability & nutrition
  3. Food science, gastronomy & life quality
  4. Global health & planetary nutrition
  5. Public health & nutrition throughout life cycle
  6. Non-communicable diseases
  7. Precision & clinical nutrition 
  8. Basic research in Nutrition

To ensure this is an international event for everybody and all continents are evenly represented, members across different nations, regions and continents are working together on the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee. 

Do you want to immerse yourself in a week full of nutritional sciences next summer? Mark these key dates in your diary!


3 JulyCall for abstracts opens
30 SeptemberCall for open symposia for non-industry partners (Early)
4 DecemberRegistration website opens
13 DecemberEnd of the call for abstracts


14 MarchCall for open symposia for non-industry partners (Late)
30 AprilNotification of abstract selection

Also, don’t miss the updates on the Congress website. We are excited to see you in Paris in August 2025.

Nutrition Congress 2024: Spearheading Nutrition for All

The 2024 Nutrition Congress (#2024nutritioncongress) will take place in the coastal city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, from 2 to 4 October 2024 with a thematic focus on ‘Spearheading Nutrition for All.’. This Congress is co-hosted by the Nutrition Society of South Africa and the Association for Dietetics in South Africa. The draft programme is now available on their website. Go find out more and register today!

15th Congress on Nutrition: Food, Nutrition and Health within the Framework of Sustainable Development

The Serbian Nutrition Society is organising the 15th Congress on Nutrition, its main activity, in Belgrade from 20th to 22nd November 2024.

The theme of the Congress is ‘Food, Nutrition and Health within the Framework of Sustainable Development’. The Congress will cover:

  • Food and Nutrition within Sustainable Food Production
  • Nutrition During the Life Course
  • Food, Nutrition and Noncommunicable Diseases
  • Drinking Water Safety, Availability and Sustainability
  • Food with Added Value, Dietary Supplements and Novel Food
  • Food, Packaging Materials, Climate and Environment

Important dates:

Registration open – 1st April 2024

Abstracts submissions open – 1st April 2024

Deadline for abstracts submission – 31st July 2024

Latest day for the abstract acceptance replies – 31st August 2024

For more information, please visit the Congress website.

The Serbian Nutrition Society has also published a scientific journal ‘Food and Nutrition’ (Hrana i ishrana in Serbian) since 1960. The papers are are written in English. More information about the published papers, please use the keyword ‘Hrana i ishrana’ to search on this website.