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 IUNS Task Forces are intended to address specific issues in any area relevant for nutrition that requires collaborative work from individuals and/or organizations across multiple regions of the world.  Each Task Force should identify an existing or emerging issue that is currently underserved within the nutrition community, or that is confronted with a specific challenge that requires such collaborative work.  Task Forces are selected at the beginning of each Council term and activities may be proposed for up to 4 years.  Continuation of the Task Forces is not automatic but can be considered for subsequent period(s) based on Task Force reports and further justification.   

Task Force Proposals:  Proposals for Task Forces should be submitted to the IUNS Council, within the first 12 months of each council’s term (first 12 months after each ICN meeting).  Proposals should use the format provided and should include the following: 

  • Justification and rationale that provides a clear case for why the issue requires an IUNS Task Force  

  • Specific and achievable (measurable) objectives,  

  • Action-oriented tasks and approximate timeline  

  • Outline of the specific deliverables that will be produced, will normally include presentations at ICN and/or other conferences, peer-reviewed publications, among others  

  • A Task Force Chair(s), responsible for the progress of the Task Force including biosketch that highlights why this individual is qualified to lead the task force  

  • Membership with geographic diversity, including their affiliation   

  • A statement of how the Task Force may wish to engage with IUNS and its Adhering and/or Affiliated Bodies.

  • Each Task Force will include at least one IUNS Council member, to be assigned by the Council  

  • Task forces should endeavour to contribute to Capacity Building of early career professionals through their involvement in the Task Force and/or other training activities  

Responsibilities and progress and results assessment: 

All IUNS Task Forces should adhere to IUNS Private Sector Engagement Policies and be prepared to provide documentation to this effect if requested  

All communications of Task Force activities including presentations and publications should acknowledge IUNS stating “The work of the (title) Task Force was supported by the International Union of Nutritional Sciences”   

Progress of the Task Forces will be judged based on the completion of activities and deliverables as stated in the original Task Force proposals  

Task Force products (including publications and/or report) will be posted or linked on the IUNS website