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ICONIC (International Collaboration on Nutrition in relation to Cancer)

Current knowledge on cancer and nutrition has benefited countries at all levels of economic development. However, those working in the field of cancer are often unfamiliar with the role of nutrition in the care of cancer patients and for those living with and beyond cancer.  Equally, those working in nutrition are often not involved in the prevention and management of cancer. This lack of synergy across nutrition and cancer applies across multiple domains of research, education and practice, from both clinical and public health perspectives. The Task Force plans to foster a community of clinicians, oncologists, scientists, researchers, patients and the public to share knowledge, understanding and best practice, to jointly deliver high quality research; to build capability and capacity in the area of nutrition and cancer to foster excellence in research and practice and ensure continuity into the future; to raise awareness of the opportunities to improve prevention and care in people living with and beyond cancer through nutrition; and to provide a robust base for public policy to address the increasing burden of cancer.

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