ICONIC (International Collaboration on Nutrition in relation to Cancer)

Chair: Professor Alan Jackson IUNS Representative: Professor Catherine Geissler Current knowledge on cancer and nutrition has benefited countries at all levels of economic development. However, those working in the field of cancer are often unfamiliar with the role of nutrition in the care of cancer patients and for those living with and beyond cancer.  Equally, […]

Sustainable Diets

Chairs: Professor Barbara Burlingame and Professor Stineke Oenema IUNS Representative: Professor Benjamin Caballero The concept of sustainable diets, that is the connection between a healthy diet and a healthy planet, has become an imperative for addressing many on-going efforts and processes. Sustainable diets provides the entry point to clarify the importance of nutrition in sustainability […]

Dietary Fat Quality

Chair: Professor Berthold Koletzko IUNS Representative: Professor Helmut Heseker Considerable controversy and confusion persists on what advice on dietary fat intake should be provided. This topic can have an important public health impact. The aims of this Task Force are: to systematically compile and review the existing evidence of health effects of dietary fat and fat […]

Benefit-Risk and Cost Effectiveness of Micronutrient Interventions

Chair: Dr Sant-Rayn Pasricha IUNS Representative: Professor Lynnette Neufeld This Task Force was previously named ‘Risk and Benefits of Iron’, and is now changed to ‘Benefit-risk and cost effectiveness of micronutrient interventions’ to expand upon the work already done in the Task Force. They developed a model to quantify potential outcomes associated with an iron […]

Precision Nutrition

Chairs: Professor Alfredo Martinez and Dr Ben van Ommen The Task Force was formerly named ‘Gene-nutrient interactions: Knowledge to Action’ and reflects the growing interest in relating the risk or protection provided by dietary intake to the genetic predisposition of individuals, now made possible by the growth of modern genomic technologies.  IUNS Council requested that […]

International Malnutrition

Chairs: Professor Ann Ashworth Hill and Professor Alan Jackson IUNS Representative: Professor Andrew Prentice Establish three regional networks (south and southeast Asia; sub-Saharan Africa; Latin America) to coordinate technical expertise and develop capacity-building partnerships Raise the profile of malnutrition among health policy makers and donor agencies and advocate for increased recognition of its importance in […]

Traditional and Indigenous Food Systems and Nutrition

Chair: Dr Gina Kennedy IUNS Representative: Professor V. Prakash This Task Force was previously named Traditional, Indigenous and Cultural Food and Nutrition and was chaired by Professor Harriet Kuhnlein and Dr T Longvah. The Task Force recently published a special issue of the journal Maternal and Child Health entitled ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems: Gender Roles, Biodiversity and […]

Towards a Multi-Dimensional Index to Child Growth

Chair: Dr Hinke Haisma and Dr Gretel Pelto IUNS Representative: Professor Ali Dhansay Objectives of the Task Force are: To develop a capability approach to child growth, where growth is redefined as achieving a capability set. The different dimensions of healthy growth would then include, for example, not just physical growth, but other dimensions, such […]