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Call for Submission: How can FAO better support countries in addressing governance of agrifood systems transformation to make them more sustainable, inclusive and resilient?

Agrifood systems can play an important role in rescuing and accelerating progress towards the SDGs; sustainable and resilient agrifood systems have enormous potential to positively influence the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. For some years now, there has been a growing recognition of the urgent need to transform agrifood systems to make them more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and equitable.

Organized jointly by the Governance and Policy Support Unit, the Agrifood Systems and Food Safety Division, the Development Law Service, and the Office of SDGs of FAO, you are invited to share examples of governance-related measures and interventions with transformative impact for agrifood systems.  

The Co-conveners – Ms Corinna Hawkes, Ms Donata Rugarabamu and Mr Stefanos Fotiou – invite stakeholders to provide inputs related to the following kind of measures/interventions:

  • Institutional mechanisms/governance arrangements for systems-oriented ways of working;
  • Measures to align policies and laws with the transformative goals; 
  • Budgeting and financing for cross-sectoral work in agrifood systems;
  • Measures to rebalance asymmetries in power and decision-making in the agrifood system, including through gender-responsive and gender-transformative approaches;
  • Measures to redress inequities and inequalities in the agrifood systems;
  • Concrete means and evidence of how the impact of these measures has been measured.

The results will contribute to informing FAO’s work with governments and other stakeholders related to policy, law, and governance for more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agrifood systems.

The template for submissions and more information can be found here.

The Call for Submissions is open until 1 April 2024.