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Reflecting on a Successful Council Meeting: Moving Forward with Optimism

We are delighted to share with you the highlights from our recent Council meeting held on 29 February and 1 March 2024 in London. It was an enriching gathering where our Council members and the Secretariat came together to discuss vital topics and chart a course for the IUNS and our members’ future.

During the meeting, we engaged in fruitful discussions on a range of topics, and some of them were:

IUNS-ICN in Paris 2025
Our upcoming ICN is fast approaching. It is going to happen in Paris from Sunday 24 August to Friday 29 August 2025 and the main theme is “Sustainable Food for Global Health”. You can find out more information about it at this website:

Shortlisting of IUNS-ICN 2029 Bids
While we are anticipating the IUNS-ICN in Paris next year, we are already on our way to preparing for the IUNS-ICN 2029. We received a good number of letters of intent and all of them are very attractive. We cannot wait to announce the shortlisted bids soon and let you vote for the next host of this global prestigious event at our General Assembly in Paris.

Membership Survey Results
We would like to thank all our Adhering Bodies who have participated in our membership survey. Your input, ideas, and participation are invaluable as we work towards building a better IUNS for all. We reaffirmed our commitment to strengthening communication and collaboration internationally. Through various future outreach programmes and events, we aim to cultivate more bonds and engagements and empower every member of the IUNS.

Membership Survey Results can be accessed and downloaded here.

Task Force on Private Sector Engagement
IUNS is deeply committed to in-person scientific meetings as a critical component to meet our aims for knowledge and evidence sharing, networking and capacity development in the nutrition community.  IUNS has formed a new task force to address the role of private sector sponsorship as part of sustainable financial models for such meetings. The aim of the task force is to develop a set of evidence-informed, feasible, replicable criteria to screen private sector companies as eligible to provide financial sponsorship for IUNS-ICN, and to provide suggestions for financing IUNS-ICN from diverse sources.  Building on the IUNS Private Sector Engagement Policy published in 2021, the updated guidance will be used by the organizers of IUNS-ICN Paris 2025. The seven-member task force comprises participants from diverse world regions and holds diverse perspectives related to private sector engagement.  The latter was purposeful to ensure that the diverse perspectives of our IUNS constituents in this regard are represented. The TF is working on a report of their activities that will be shared with adhering bodies for comment in the coming months.

Looking Forward to Continued and Deeper Engagement with IUNS
As we reflect on the outcomes of our Council meeting, there is much to look forward to in the days ahead. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the positive impact we can collectively achieve. Together, we have the power to promote advancement in nutrition science, research, and development through international cooperation at the global level. We invite you to join us on this journey of progress and transformation to create a more engaging IUNS community and tackle nutrition challenges together.

Stay connected on our upcoming initiatives and events and let us continue to work together to make our world the healthiest it can be.