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11th OCEANIAFOODS Conference

Biodiversity and Food Composition in Oceania 10-11 August 2023

11th OCEANIA FOODS 2023 – The Institute of Applied Sciences (

OCEANIAFOODS is the Pacific regional operation of INFOODS (the International Network of Food Data Systems), which was established in 1984 under the auspices of the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).  INFOODS is a worldwide network of food composition experts aiming to improve the quality, availability, reliability, and use of food composition data. Countries under its umbrella are Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Communities (SPC, formerly the South Pacific Commission), which represents 22 Pacific Island governments. The convenorship rotates among these three regions.

The OCEANIAFOODS 2023 is hosted by Fiji at the University of the South Pacific. This conference will host food composition experts as well as students from across Oceania and globally with delegates from diverse backgrounds including research, public health, food technology, and information technology. Food composition data is needed to properly underpin not just public health and individual health care, but many areas of public policy, including the environment, sustainability, food security, and agriculture.

Session Topics

  • The state of play (Updates from Oceania)
  • Towards an update of the Pacific Islands Food Composition Tables
  • Underutilized and Indigenous Foods
  • Access and benefit sharing
  • The future for food composition data
  • PTFI: Unlocking Food Composition Data for Human and Planetary Health


Keynote Speaker

Professor Barbara Burlingame
Massey University and Chair IUNS Taskforce on Sustainable Diets