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1st World Conference on the Mediterranean Diet

1st World Conference on the Mediterranean Diet

Revitalizing the Mediterranean Diet: From a healthy dietary pattern to a healthy Mediterranean sustainable lifestyle

The International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet (IFMeD) was created in 2014 and reunites individuals from various disciplines and expertise who are internationally recognized for their work in the restoration of the Mediterranean Diet. Its aims is to raise public awareness of healthy and sustainable nutrition, making it a central issue, and to promote international cooperation agreements with both public and private stakeholders to support and pursue the values and benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

This first World Conference aims to “revitalise” the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle – the authentic dietary pattern and way of life, the one that is not only healthy but also environmentally sustainable and accessible to everyone. Expert representatives from  the International Scientific Community will discuss this issue and will officially present the contemporary Mediterranean Diet’s ‘new’ food Pyramid. We are very excited about this event and are sure it will be of interest to you. We are expecting more than 700 congress attendees.

The final programme can be found here.