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Eco-conference® is a unique scientific conference held from in 1995, held in Novi Sad, which from 2003, received international status and since 2007, in received pirely scientific character, and sponsorhip of the United Nations.

The first organiser is the Ecological Movement of the city of Novi Sad, a renowned non-governmental environmental organization and the co-organizers are:

  • Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • University in Novi Sad
  • International Independent Ecological-Politiological University Moscow
  • Russian State Agricultural Iniversity-„K.A.Timirjazev“,
  • Field and Vegetable Crops Institute, Novi Sad,
  • Food Technology Institute, Novi Sad,
  • Legambiente, National Eological Organization, Italy

The significance of safe food production and consumption has been widely recognized, as the risks of food nutritive value reduction increase due to its industrial production. Even in developed countries industrial food production brings about new threats to human health.

Various issues concerning safe food are being increasingly addressed both in professional and general publics of the developed countries, while the post-socialist ones are rather lagging behind them.

With the general aim to contribute to communicating valid knowledge and supporting exchange of opinions and experiences as well as making the knowledge actionable, the Ecological Conference® on Safe Food has been held in even years since the year 2000. The conference aims to:

  • address, at a scientific-expert level, a wide range of key issues concerning safe food production and environmental consciousness;
  • discuss and assess the causes of environmental imbalance in conventional agricultural production and the impact of various pollution sources on agricultural production at present;
  • offer practical solutions, based on scientific indicators and expert opinions, to help meet present challenges and those that lie ahead;
  • present relevant proposals and suggestions for the long-term strategic programmes in food production (in the industrialized, controlled, integral, alternative and sustainable agriculture)  without negative effects on human health and the environment.