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8th Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference (ANEC)

The African Nutrition Society and the Food and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia are organizing the 8th edition of the Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on October 1-5, 2018.

Main Theme: “Multi-stakeholder nutrition actions in Africa: translating evidence into policies, and programmes for impact”


  1. Scaling up nutrition: effective actions and best practices
  2. Effective multi-sectoral actions in nutrition: best practices
  3. Joint actions on maternal, infant and young child feeding – nutrition during the 1st 1000 days
  4. Nutrition through the life cycle: nutrition specific, nutrition-sensitive policies, research, interventions and programs
  5. Adolescent nutrition
  6. Food systems, food safety and value chain: policies, legislations and actions
  7. Multi-sectoral actions and biofortification in Africa
  8. Partnership for food security, safety and sustainability in Africa
  9. Food industries and malnutrition in Africa
  10. Nutrition policies, politics, and nutrition governance in Africa
  11. Double-duty actions for nutrition in Africa
  12. Benchmarking of food environment
  13. Nutrition transition, and nutrition-related NCD

Abstracts for the conference can be submitted via this link.