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Bioinformatics for Nutritionists

This two day course offers introduction to the use of small molecule databases containing molecule pathways found in humans. The workshops’ aim is to teach how to search, extract, view and analyse experimental data available within various databases such as database of chemical ontologies (covered in day one) and four enzyme portals (covered in day two).

The first day, 7 June, offers introduction to the work of the European Bionformatics Institute (EBI), through interactive search sessions of public datasets such as ChEMBL, and ChEBI, offering an overview of structure-activity relationship of small molecules contained within each database, including exercises on how to select compound structures for target validation and reference standards.

The second day, 8 June focuses on the use of four primary enzyme portals, such as Brenda, Uniprot, Pride and ISA tools. Hands-on training will be given in small molecule, protein, proteome and pathways analysis tools to understand key aspects, functionalities, limitations associated with each portal.

Delegates already with datasets will be able to apply the tools in real time in the training sessions and will leave with preliminary analyses. All delegates will acquire a strong sense of the structure and resources available through EBI and will be able to undertake self-directed learning progressing their skills through supported online learning (training in finding and using this is given).

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