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The Nutrition Society Summer Meeting Carbohydrates in health: friends or foes?

14- 17 July 2014 – University of Glasgow, UK

 The aim of this meeting is to explore the contribution of cereals, and related products rich in carbohydrate, in feeding the world’s population.  Mechanisms by which dietary carbohydrates impact on gut health, appetite, obesity and related disorders will be explored.  Attendees at this meeting will learn, with world-leading experts, about current perspectives on the impact of carbohydrates and fibre on human health and have the opportunity to network with colleagues from basic science, nutrition, dietetics, public health and industry. Four main symposia will focus on:

  • Global challenges and solutions in cereal production
  • New perspectives on carbohydrate and health
  • Non digestible carbohydrates, gut microbiota and obesity
  • Wholegrains, dietary fibre and grain-derived phytochemicals

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