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Universal Scientific Education Research Network Congress

USERN has been established with main purpose of peaceful and humanitarian promotion of education and research, universally. It comprises of top 1% scientists in all scientific fields as the advisory board members who would manage and supervise the educational and research programs in their field of specialty. There are more than 150 top scientists, including ten Nobel Laureates, among the advisory board member of USERN. There is more information about USERN available on the USERN website, accessible here.

The theme of the congress will be “Science without Borders”, emphasising important role of multidisciplinary studies without geographical borders! Therefore different aspects of science have been covered in the scientific program, which would be presented by Nobel/Able Laureates and top 1% scientists worldwide. The conference programme is available on the congress website, accessible here.

The programme committee is planning a fabulous programme on 1st day of the congress, ranging from the infinity in the universe to infinity inside body, covering the subjects on conception, evolution, and voyage to a new home in the universe, climate change and global warming, earth, the origins of the genes, and regenerative medicine and genetic engineering. The 2nd day focuses on development of sciences in different fields from the past to the future. In addition recent advances on science, big data and strategic planning would also be discussed. The 3rd day of the congress is dedicated to different dimensions of human being, where keynote lectures on physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of human would be presented. In addition to keynote lectures, there are specific parallel focus discussion sessions, panels and other side events.

The congress will represent an unforgettable personal and professional experience and by the help of different societies and scientific groups, USERN can pave the road for peaceful scientific and education networking with no borders.