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Argentina- Annual Report

“Sociedad Argentina de Nutrición”

The Sociedad Argentina de Nutrición (SAN) was founded by Pedro Escudero, MD, master and father of Nutrition in South America, in 1941. This professional association was incorporated in 1986.

Head Office:
Viamonte 2146, 5° Floor “B”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Number of Members:
950 members, among Physicians specialized in Nutrition, Graduates in Nutrition and other professionals related with the specialization.

The SAN is an entity associated to the School of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires.

Present Steering Committee (since December 15, 2008):

 President:   Dr. Ricardo Basile
 Vice-president:  Dra. Liliana Trifone
 Secretary:  Dr. Edgardo Ridner
 Treasurer:  Dr. César Casávola
Assistant Secretary:  Dra. Berta Gorelik
Assistant Treasurer:  Dra. Graciela Godoy
Members:  Dra. Alicia Irma Langellotti
Dra. Marcela de la Plaza
Dra. Miriam Tonietti
Lic. Begoña Zugasti
Lic. Mariano Godnic
Alternate Members:  Dra. Hilda Aragona
Lic. Gabriela Saad
Auditors:   Dra. Perla E. Kremer
Dra. Biruta Sermukslis


Activities carried out during the year 2009:

  1. Eight scientific seminars, four full conferences, and eight symposiums and round-table discussions are programmed and most of them has been already conducted.
  2. The association has ten Work Groups on epidemiology, pediatrics, AIDS, food disorders, diabetes mellitus, foods, nutritional condition assessment, public health, nutritional support and physical activity.
  3. It counts with three Branches within the country where scientific activities took place.
  4. As part of the Continuing Medical activities five annual courses are given, two having an attendance nature and three via internet
  5. Spreading lectures for the public in general, upon a monthly basis, occurred.
  6. The Scientific Journal “Actualización en NUTRICIÓN” (“Updating in NUTRITION”), diffusion instrument of the SAN, is issued quarterly with a circulation of 1200 copies with original articles and selected articles are also available in the SAN web page.
  7. In September 2009 the XVII Argentine Congress of Nutrition was held in the city of Mar del Plata with an attendance over 2500 professionals.