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Canada – Annual Report

 “National Research Council of Canada (NRC)”

Council Members
Dr. Michael Raymont, Acting President

Contact Information
Contact Person:

Mr. Denis Pinard
NRC-ICSU Project Liaison
International Relations Office
National Research Council of Canada
Sussex Drive, Room 1038M
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0R6

Tel: 1-613-990-0662
Fax: 1-613-952-9696


Year Established

National Research Council Canada
The National Research Council (NRC) is a leader in the development of an innovative, knowledge-based economy for Canada through science and technology. NRC operates world-class research facilities as well as information, technology and innovation support networks from coast to coast.  NRC works hand in hand with partners from industry, government and universities to help ignite the spark of innovation in communities across the land and to give Canadian companies a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

  • Approx 4,100 employees
  • $786.5 million in funding (2003-2004)

Excellence in R&D
There are 20 NRC research institutes and 10 other technology centres across the country working in disciplines as diverse as astronomy, aerospace, fuel cells, information technology and biotechnology.

  • 1,244 publications in refereed journals (2003-2004)
  • 93 patents issued (2003-2004)
  • 604 active patents

Technology Transfer
NRC combines scientific excellence and entrepreneurship in an institution designed to push the envelope and encourage wealth creation for Canada.
Average of 420 collaborative agreements signed per year for the past four years

  • $5.5 million in licensing revenues (2003-2004)
  • $92.7M in cash and in-kind contributions from partners (2003-2004)

Global Connections
NRC is an active player in international research collaborations and partnerships — over 60 formal arrangements with 22 nations along with hundreds of informal alliances.

Community Innovation
Stimulating the growth of community-based technology clusters across Canada is an important part of NRC’s business. NRC research institutes and networks are central hubs, bringing local and regional interests together with groups of innovative companies around a common area of technology.

Outstanding People
Great people. Great minds. Where else but NRC have employees won a Nobel Prize for science, an Academy Award and helped Canada capture Olympic Gold.