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Ghana – Annual Report

“From the Ghana Nutrition Association Steering
Committee to the International Union of Nutritional

Steering Committee Members
Ebenezer  Asibey-Berko, PhD, Chair.
Professor of  Nutrition
Department of Nutrition and Food Science,
University of Ghana, Legon

Dr. E.E.K.Takyi,  PhD, Head, Nutrition Unit,
Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research,
University of  Ghana, Legon

Phoebe Lokko, MPhil,
Head, Nutrition Section,
Food Research Institute,
Council For Scientific and Industrial Research

Rosanna Agble, MPhil,
Head, Nutrition Unit,
Ghana Health Services,
Accra, Ghana.

Dr. Paul Aryee,   PhD, Ag. Head,
Dept of  Nutrition, University of  Devt Studies,
Tamale, Ghana.

Dr.W.B.Owusu, PhD,
Dept of Nutrition and Food Science,
P.O.Box LG 134,
University of Ghana, Legon.

2003 – 2004  Activities.
Four meetings of  the steering Committee were held.

  1. The mixed Food Technologists and Nutritionist membership of  GINFT (Ghana Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology) did not work well in the past.  It was decided that a Ghana Nutrition Association be set up, drawing membership primarily from Nutritionists.
  2. Prior to a membership drive (yet to be embarked upon), a       program of  activities (or road map) for the association, for the next year or two has been agreed upon.
  3. The committee  visited country offices of WHO and UNICEF to introduce itself.  FAO  will be visited. The visits  were to confirm  an earlier letter of introduction to them  from FANUS ( Chair, Prof. Atinmo Tola)  informing them our steering committee was going to be set  up and should be given their collaboration.
  4. UNICEF has since promised help to enable us set up a       secretariat  and start activities including a  Newsletter to keep membership in  touch with programs, meetings, planned activities of the Association and  Nutrition – related Institutions in Ghana. WHO  is considering how they may  be involved.