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Iceland – Annual Report

 “Icelandic Nutrition Council”

Council Members
Prof. Inga Thorsdottir, President; Laufey Steingrimsdottir, Secretary; Prof. Agusta Gudmundsdottir, Prof. Hrafn Tulinius, Ms Brynhildur Briem, nutritionist, Dr Thorkell Gudbrandsson.

Icelandic Nutrition Council,
Baronsstigur 47,
101 Reykjavik
Tel.: 354 585 1480
Fax.: 354 585 1313

Term of Council

Year Established

Activities in 1998-1999
Compilation of food consumption statistics from 1956 to the present. Study on changes in body weight, BMI and prevalence of obesity in Icelandic adults. Studies on nutrition and bone health, trans fatty acids, trace elements. Campaign to increase the consumption of vegetables in the population.