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Japan – Annual Reports

 “IUNS subcommittee (National Committee on Nutrition and Food Science)”
“Science Council of Japan (SCJ)”

Council Members (February 2009- )

Chair of subcommittee:
Prof./Dr.  Makoto Shimizu

Department of Applied Biological Chemistry
The University of Tokyo
1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-8657

Tel.: +81-3-5841-5127
Fax:  +81-3-5841-8026


Prof/Dr. Teruo Miyazawa (Tohoku University) —Co-Chair

Prof/Dr. Yukari Takemi (Kagawa Nutrition University) —Secretary

Prof/Dr. Sachie Ikegami (Otsuma Women’s University)
Prof/Dr. Hiroko Isoda (Tsukuba University)
Prof/Dr. Kazuo Miyashita (Hokkaido University)
Dean/Dr. Akira Isogai (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
Dr. Izumi Tabata (National Institute of Health and Nutrition)
Prof/Dr. Kiyoshi Tanaka (Kyoto Women’s University)

IUNS subcommittee (National Committee on Nutrition and Food Science)
Science Council of Japan, Prime Minister’s Office
7-22-34 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-8555
Tel.: +81/3/3403/6291
Fax.: +81/3/3403/1982

Term of Committee
February 2009 –

Year Established

Japan’s adherence to IUNS was first made in1965 through Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science.  In 1968 the National Committee was established as the official adhering body to IUNS, and in 1969, when IUNS joined ICSU, SCJ took the place of the adhering body to IUNS through its subordinate national committee.

Activities in 2006-2007
2006-2007 Activities established (Japan)

  1. Because of the structural changes of SCJ in 2006, the National Committee on Nutritional and Food Science (NCNFS) was abolished. A subcommittee of SCJ, IUNS subcommittee, was newly established to take the place of NCNFS.
  2. Prof. Shimizu was elected as a chair of the IUNS subcommittee in January 2007.
  3. Prof. Homma and Prof. Kadowaki attended the joint council meeting of IUNS and FANS (Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies) in Taipei in September 2007.
  4. The IUNS subcommittee members of SCJ are planning to make a union of Japanese scientific societies being concerned with food and nutritional sciences. The expected role of the union would be to activate basic and applied research and also to develop public awareness and confidence in science and technology for food and nutrition.