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Lebanon – Annual Report


Dr. Nahla Hwalla, Ph.D, RD, President LANFS , Chairperson, Nutrition and Food Sciences Department  American University of Beirut ,Beirut Lebanon

(AODA member)

Huda Ardakani Maamari , BSc.,Vice President , Head of dietetary Department , Hotel Dieu de France University  Hospital

(AODA member)

Rola Zahr Naanai,BS,Secretary ,Head Dietitian At Makassed General Hospital

Dima El Timani , MSc.,Treasurer ,Dietitian , Chronic care center

Omar Obeid, Ph.D.,Accountant, Assistant professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences ,American University of Beirut

(AODA member)

Nadine Mahboub, MSc., Public Relations, Dietitian, American University of Beirut Health center

Nahla Hawalla, PhD., RD.
President   of LANFS
Chairperson Department of Nutrition and food Sciences
Faculty of Agricultural and food Sciences
American University of Beirut
P.O.Box: 11-0236 Riad El Solh
Beirut: 1107-2020

Tel:01/354911-341310-350000 Ext. 4450/1
Fax: 961-1-351666,961-1-744460

Term of LANFS Membership


Year Established
Established:1970     Frozen :1972            Reactivated : 1992

2004-2005 Activities:

  • Dr. Hwalla Represented LANFS in the “3rd International Congress on the Columbus Concept”- Brussels. October 5-9, 2004
  • Dr. Hwalla organized and participated with other members of LANFS in a workshop to educate physicians on medical nutrition therapy for diabetes. Damascus, Syria. December 4-5, 2004
  • Dr. Hwalla participated in the international conference on “Mediterranean Foods: Reasons to Defend it” in Malaga, Spain on March 31, 2005. The conference was organized by the Mediterranean Food Institute which belongs to the Agriculture and Fisheries Regional Ministry of Andalusia.
  • Dr Hwalla enlightened the community of Universite Saint Joseph ( USJ ) Beirut, Lebanon on the role of LANFS  in dietetic practice through a presentation on “Dietetic Practice in Lebanon”  .April 22, 2005
  • Dr. Obeid participated as a guest speaker in the “Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Conference” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Obeid presented a paper on “Olive Oil and Chronic Diseases.” The conference was organized in collaboration with the Arab Center for Nutrition. April 11-15, 2005
  • Dr Obeid represented LANFS in the Third National Congress “ Hot Topics in General Practice” organized by the Lebanese order of Physicians and Lebanese Society of General Practice and presented two lectures entitled: “ Food Intake Control: the Role of Macronutrients” and “ Nutrition and Cardio-Vascular Diseases”. Beit Attabib- Beirut, Lebanon. April15-16, 2005
  • Dr Obeid participated in a consultancy on “Iron deficiency anemia and iodine deficiency disorders guidelines” in the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office in Cairo from April 26 till April 28, 2005. All expenses were covered by the organizers of the conference
  • Dr Malik Batal represented LANFS at the second Arab Nutrition conference that took place  between 9- 7 December 2004 at the Crown Plaza Hotel -Manama -Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr Batal enlightened in  this conference the Arab scientific community on” Factors influencing breast feeding in Lebanon.”
  • Dr Katherine Gray-Donald, the former Director of the School of Dietetics and Human  Nutrition at McGill University in Canada  updated LANFS members  on following topics which were presented on  June 9 ,13 and 14, 2005 :
    • Diet as a major contributor to health; what is the evidence?
    • Measuring food and nutrient intake: suiting the method to the purpose
    • Short methods of measuring diet.
  • Dr. Malik Batal represented LANFS during the  FAO World food day that took place  between  11 -13 October 2004 in the order of Engineers -Beirut . The conference addressed  “The role of biodiversity in  food security “Dr. Batal Addressed the consequence of biodiversity on food habits
  • During the year 2004 The Lebanese Parliament Committees approved of the draft of “legislation of the regulation of Nutrition  Practice in Lebanon”. As a complimentary step LANFS are still working on holding an accreditation exam for dietitians for proper regulation of Nutrition practice in Lebanon . Also LANFS is working on organizing the procedure to hold a national colloquium exam for dietitians in Lebanon
  •  Dr Sana Gahaddar a new Faculty member at AUB updated LANFS members on :“The silent killers:  Calcium and phosphorous
  • LANFS members participated in a national campaign for the prevention of atherosclerosis .The campaign was organized by The Lebanese Association of Vascular Surgery .Each dietitian offered counseling for the prevention of atherosclerosis  to groups of people at in health service setting in various Lebanese areas.
  • Due to the cuurent political circumstances that prevailed recently in Lebanon  Elections of the new executive committee members was postponed till  December 2005