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Precision Nutrition

The Task Force was formerly named ‘Gene-nutrient interactions: Knowledge to Action’ and reflects the growing interest in relating the risk or protection provided by dietary intake to the genetic predisposition of individuals, now made possible by the growth of modern genomic technologies.  IUNS Council requested that the name be changed to ‘Precision Nutrition’ for the current period to better reflect the aims of the Task Force.

It is planned that this Task Force will continue the preparation of symposia and academic papers, work to develop an online course about Precision Nutrition, and prepare a document concerning Precision Nutrition based upon OMICS approaches.

Previous work: Gene- Nutrient Interactions: Knowledge to Action (2013 – 2017)

Personalized nutrition is becoming a globally important area of research that complements knowledge and applications concerning public health nutrition.
Indeed, the advances of nutrigenetics, transcriptomics, nutriepigenomics, metabolomics and systems biology are strongly contributing to pave the way to more focused nutrition in different healthy individuals and disease conditions. These views need to be coordinated with community and epidemiological approaches to safe and nutritionally optimal eating. In this context, IUNS has devoted a Task Force to cover such issues  with the following aims:
– To promote scientific exchanges in different conferences (e.g. FENS) and summer schools (e.g. University of Navarra, UNAV).
– To strengthen links with existing consortia /societies concerning this field such as NUGO and the International Society for Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics.
– To generate documents /modules for educational purposes.

The Gene-Nutrient Interactions: Knowledge to Action 2015 report is available here.

The programme for the 9th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (2015) is available here.

The 2014 report for the Task Force: Gene-Nutrient interactions: Knowledge to action is available here.

A list of activities of the Gene-Nutrient Interactions Task Force in 2012 can be accessed here.

The agenda of the ‘Global health and individualised nutrition’ 2012 summer course supported by the Gene-nutrient interaction: Knowledge to action Task Force can be found here.