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World Obesity Policy Laboratory

World Obesity Policy Laboratory: Obesity and food system actions under the microscope

As we reach the halfway point of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, now is the time to review our progress to date and assess whether global food systems can deliver healthy and sustainable diets for everyone.

COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities in our current environments and revealed strained food systems alongside the absence of processes to protect the health of vulnerable populations, including people living with obesity. With undernutrition, overweight and obesity, and poor nutrition at risk of being exacerbated because of the ongoing pandemic, actions to strengthen food systems and address the commercial determinants of health are urgently needed to improve the food environments for everybody.

•             Date: Tuesday, 13th July

•             Time: 13:00 – 14:45 BST

The World Obesity policy laboratory will explore food systems’ central role in addressing the obesity pandemic. Through several case studies, speakers will highlight best practices on what has or should be implemented to achieve healthier, more sustainable and equitable food systems for everyone.

The event precedes the launch of their policy dossier on food systems and a briefing on the topic in September.

For full details of the speakers, visit the website here.