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Online Course: Nutrition Update Program 2022 from Eduvirama ( in Spanish)

The nutrition update program is delivered by Eduvirama.

The program includes 12 modules:

  1. Obesity and nutritional management
  2. Eating disorders
  3. Celiac disease  
  4. Prediabetes
  5. Diabetes I
  6. Diabetes II
  7. Clinical management of vegetarian-vegan patients
  8. Alcoholism
  9. Anxiety disorder
  10. Physical activity and vegetarianism
  11. Plant-based eating
  12. Diabetes and vegetarianism

Delivered by Eduvirama the course will be carried out entirely online and its contents will be published in different formats, usually in video and with support of texts and presentations.

The course begins immediately upon registration. Upon completing the course and passing the evaluation, certification will be granted by the Argentine Medical Association, in CRAMA Teaching Hours corresponding to 220 hours of teaching.


ARS$2,500/mo total value 9 installments