International Congress of Nutrition 2025

One of the most prominent events of the IUNS is the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) every four years. Our next ICN will be held in Paris, from 24th to 29th August 2025, with the theme ‘Sustainable Food for Global Health’.

Alongside the main theme, you can look forward to all the fundamental, clinical, epidemiological and social aspects of nutrition delivered in the form of lectures, symposia, oral communications and posters.

This congress features eight major scientific topics:

  1. The future of nutrition recommendations
  2. Climate change, sustainability & nutrition
  3. Food science, gastronomy & life quality
  4. Global health & planetary nutrition
  5. Public health & nutrition throughout life cycle
  6. Non-communicable diseases
  7. Precision & clinical nutrition 
  8. Basic research in Nutrition

To ensure this is an international event for everybody and all continents are evenly represented, members across different nations, regions and continents are working together on the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee. 

Do you want to immerse yourself in a week full of nutritional sciences next summer? Mark these key dates in your diary!


3 JulyCall for abstracts opens
30 SeptemberCall for open symposia for non-industry partners (Early)
4 DecemberRegistration website opens
13 DecemberEnd of the call for abstracts


14 MarchCall for open symposia for non-industry partners (Late)
30 AprilNotification of abstract selection

Also, don’t miss the updates on the Congress website. We are excited to see you in Paris in August 2025.

Nutrition Congress 2024: Spearheading Nutrition for All

The 2024 Nutrition Congress (#2024nutritioncongress) will take place in the coastal city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, from 2 to 4 October 2024 with a thematic focus on ‘Spearheading Nutrition for All.’. This Congress is co-hosted by the Nutrition Society of South Africa and the Association for Dietetics in South Africa. The draft programme is now available on their website. Go find out more and register today!

15th Congress on Nutrition: Food, Nutrition and Health within the Framework of Sustainable Development

The Serbian Nutrition Society is organising the 15th Congress on Nutrition, its main activity, in Belgrade from 20th to 22nd November 2024.

The theme of the Congress is ‘Food, Nutrition and Health within the Framework of Sustainable Development’. The Congress will cover:

  • Food and Nutrition within Sustainable Food Production
  • Nutrition During the Life Course
  • Food, Nutrition and Noncommunicable Diseases
  • Drinking Water Safety, Availability and Sustainability
  • Food with Added Value, Dietary Supplements and Novel Food
  • Food, Packaging Materials, Climate and Environment

Important dates:

Registration open – 1st April 2024

Abstracts submissions open – 1st April 2024

Deadline for abstracts submission – 31st July 2024

Latest day for the abstract acceptance replies – 31st August 2024

For more information, please visit the Congress website.

The Serbian Nutrition Society has also published a scientific journal ‘Food and Nutrition’ (Hrana i ishrana in Serbian) since 1960. The papers are are written in English. More information about the published papers, please use the keyword ‘Hrana i ishrana’ to search on this website.

2nd South East Asia Public Health Nutrition Conference

The 2nd South East Asian Public Health Nutrition (SEA-PHN) Conference is scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 11 – 13 November 2024. Hosted by the Nutrition Association of Thailand (NAT), this conference will serve as a platform for researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge, insights, and best practices in public health nutrition. The aim for the narrative background for the conference this year is “End All Forms of Malnutrition by 2030”.

More information will be available soon.

Upcoming Webinars from the Canadian Nutrition Society

There are several upcoming Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) webinars this month.

16th May: Dietary Counselling as a Therapeutic Approach for Mood and Anxiety Disorders – Application of New Clinical Trial Findings

Discover dietary counselling as a therapeutic approach for mood and anxiety disorders with speakers Monique Aucoin, ND MSc, and Laura Lachance, MD MSc. Gain insights and practical strategies from new clinical findings.

Explore how diet influences mental health and learn when dietary counselling can be safely provided. Discover the latest clinical trials, including the world’s first using dietary counselling to treat generalized anxiety disorder. 

Looking for more information about this webinar? Visit here.

Interested in joining this webinar? Register here.

31st May: Nourishing the brain: Enhancing Brain Myelination and Cognition in Children via Early Nutrition

Join us as we explore nourishing the brain and enhancing cognition in children through early nutrition. Dr. Deoni, Director of the Advanced Baby Imaging Lab at Brown University, will 

delve Into the critical first 1000 days of brain growth and cognitive development.

Discover the fascinating interplay between brain microstructure changes, neurodevelopment, and the delivery of essential nutrients during this pivotal period. Gain insights into non-invasive methods for investigating early neurodevelopment and the profound impact of nutrition on brain myelination and cognitive function.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest research findings and the potential to optimize neurodevelopment through improved nutrition.

Looking for more information about this webinar? Visit here.

Interested in joining the webinar? Register here.

The Future of Food is Now: IUFoST 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology

The 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology will be held in Rimini, Italy from 8th – 12th September 2024. This year the theme of the Congress is ‘The future of food is now: Development, Functionality & Sustainability’.

Thirteen engaging topics about food science and technology will be covered at the Congress. They include:

– Food Technology, Processing and Engineering

 -Future of Food Manufacturing

– Product development and Innovation

– Packaging Materials and Technologies

– Sensory & Consumer Science

– Nutrition & Health

– Traditional Food for the Future

– Food Quality, Safety & Regulations

– Supply Chain Management

– Education and training for green (or sustainable) and innovative food systems

– Innovation in Agri- and Aqua-Technology

– Public-Private Partnership & Open Innovation

– Food Security and Sustainability

The full list of topics is available on the Congress website now. Check out all topics here and don’t forget to register.

Join the World Food Forum 2024: “Good food for all, for today and tomorrow”

In a world where food is essential for all, yet millions still go hungry and our planet faces escalating environmental challenges, the World Food Forum (WFF) is thrilled to launch its 2024 cycle under the theme: “Good food for all, for today and tomorrow”. The urgency is clear: over 738.9 million people faced hunger in 2022, and we are off track to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger, by 2030. 

At the same time, our agrifood systems are responsible for significant environmental degradation, including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and biodiversity loss. These challenges require innovative solutions, increased investments and inclusive partnerships. Our theme embodies the vision of ensuring everyone has access to healthy, sustainable food while safeguarding the planet’s future.

What is “Good food”?
Healthy diets: Sustainable production of livestock, fisheries and crops.
Biodiversity: Nurturing and preserving biodiversity.
Resource management: Responsible stewardship of forests, wetlands, soil and water.
Reducing waste: Curbing food loss and waste.
Clean energy: Scaling up clean energy initiatives.
Inclusive policies: Embracing evidence-based, inclusive policies and data-driven progress.

Save the date: WFF flagship event 14 – 18 October, 2024
This flagship event is a dynamic global platform that transcends boundaries, generations and sectors to transform the future of our agrifood systems. Join the World Food Forum at FAO Headquarters in Rome for our flagship event, where we will gather to discuss and strategize towards a hunger-free, sustainable future.

Together, we can ensure “Good food for all, for today and tomorrow.”.

Interested in knowing more? Visit here for the latest news.

Call for Late-breaking Abstracts: Canadian Nutrition Society Annual Conference

The Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) invites you to submit an abstract and take advantage of the opportunity to have your work presented at the CNS Annual Conference taking place May 2-4th, in Edmonton, Alberta. Some abstracts may also be selected for a presentation during a conference session.

Please note that Late-Breaking Abstracts will not be published in APNM, nor will they be eligible for CNS Abstract or Trainee Awards. 

Deadline to submit: 11 March 2024

For more information, please visit the CNS Conference website.

The Federation of Oceanic Nutrition Societies (FONS) launch

Several years ago, with encouragement and support from the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), members of the Nutrition Societies of Australia and New Zealand and representatives from Pacific Island Countries began conversations about the feasibility and usefulness of a Federation representing nutrition in Oceania.

Extensive consultation with stakeholders across Oceania representing various sectors (nutrition, dietetics, public health, NGOs, government, universities, and private practice) confirmed overwhelming enthusiasm and agreement that FONS can make a difference, and be a collective voice for, nutrition in Oceania, including all Pacific Island countries/jurisdictions, Australia and New Zealand.

The FONS inaugural Founding Members meeting was held on 11th October 2023 where the Constitution was approved, and Committee members were elected. 

The FONS was then launched at the recent Joint Conference of the Nutrition Societies of New Zealand and Australia in Albany, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, New Zealand (28 November 2023). The launch event featured an overview of the development of FONS, two guest speakers and the rolling out of the mat which symbolizes FONS’s values and commitment to family and fellowship, networking, collaboration, and creating space for people to come together to have a conversation / talanoa / yarn / korero. IUNS kindly supported scholarships for Pacific Islands based Early- and mid-career representatives to attend and present at the conference.

The FONS working group, new committee and guest speakers at the launch event. Back row: Prof. Eugeni Roura (Committee member, Australia), Ms Elisiva Na’ati (President-Elect), Prof. Pam von Hurst (Secretary), Prof. Welma Stonehouse (working group), Dr Sarah Burkhart (President), Dr Jeanne Teisina (Guest speaker), Associate Prof. Pragya Singh (Committee member, Pacific Islands), Mrs Mallika Janakiraman (Committee member, New Zealand), Mr Sefano Katz (Guest speaker). Front row: Mrs Mafi Funaki-Tahifote  (Treasurer), Associate Prof. Tracy McCaffrey (working group) and Prof. Alison Coates (working group). Absent: Ms Josephine Maelaua (Committee member, Pacific Islands).

The purpose and values of FONS, as agreed with stakeholders, is to bring together people for the advancement of nutrition science (human and animal), health and wellbeing throughout Oceania. FONS values are People at the centre of what we do; Knowledge and Translation; Family and Fellowship; Equity, Inclusivity and Transparency; Respect, Trust and Integrity. 

FONS is looking forward to 

  • Enabling regional and global collaboration​;
  • Building capacity and capability across the region through activities that enable sharing of knowledge, research and networks​;
  • Creating communities of research and practice around shared challenges​; and
  • Amplifying the collective voice of the region​. 

We welcome you to join us. Membership of FONS is open to any individual or suitable organisation whose interests align with the FONS purpose and values. Major membership types include Ordinary or Organisation Members. Founding members will be members who join FONS during its establishment phase, from now until 31 March 2024. Up until this date, membership will be free but Founding Members can make a koha (donation) if they want to. From 1 April 2024, membership fees will be charged but will be minimal. The Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA), Nutrition Society of NZ (NSNZ) and the Pacific Community (SPC), have already confirmed their Organisation Membership.

For more information on FONS, please see their website:

14th FENS Conference: Celebrating Success in Belgrade

In a resounding celebration of global collaboration and advancements in nutritional sciences, the 14th FENS (Federation of European Nutrition Societies) Conference unfolded in Belgrade, Serbia, from November 14 to 17. This momentous event, organised by FENS, a valued partner of the IUNS, brought together 1500 participants from across the globe.

A notable highlight of the conference was the presentation of the FENS Award to Professor Francesco Visioli, a distinguished figure renowned for his substantial contributions to the fields of nutrition and biochemistry. Professor Visioli’s research on the health benefits of bioactive compounds found in foods has significantly shaped the industry.

During the General Assembly on November 14, the conference witnessed the election of new FENS board members. Of particular importance was the appointment of Professor Sladjana Sobajic as the new president of FENS. Also, at the General Assembly, they agreed to launch a Task Force dedicated to enhancing standards in nutritional science. This initiative continues the work of FENS working groups over the last four years. It aims to establish and promote rigorous benchmarks, ensuring the highest quality research, and fostering advancements in the field for the benefit of professionals and the public.

The conference served as a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the realm of nutrition, with 750 abstracts submitted. This underscored the commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the global scientific community.