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IUNS-IANE Scholarship – NNEdPro Courses

Applications close at 5pm on 6th September 2021

As part of our online capacity development support for early career nutritionists the International Union of Nutritional Sciences and the International Academy of Nutrition Educators have partnered to offer free scholarship to participants interested in the NNEdPro ‘Nutrition Education and Population Health’ bundle of ten courses covering a wide range of nutrition and population health topics.

Application forms are available on the NNEdPro website IUNS-IANE Scholarship Competition (  where you can provide your CV and answer a couple of questions. An NNEdPro panel will then review all applications on 7th September and select 15 participants to gain free access to the training available on the NNEdPro Virtual Learning Environment (worth £124).

The scholarship is open to all, but priority is given to students from Low to Middle-Income Countries (LMIC’s).