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ICONIC’s Autumn Progress Update

ICONIC is one of the IUNS Task Forces and has been active for the last 5 years. Its term has been agreed to be extended until the next IUNS-ICN (ICN-2025). ICONIC is a collaboration of organisations in the field of cancer and nutrition with the aim of taking the lead in developing awareness of the importance of diet, nutrition, and physical activity in the causation and management of cancer within the international community. It also seeks to build capability and capacity, especially in LMIC. The International Union of Nutritional Science (IUNS), World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International), the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the International Malnutrition Task Force (IMTF), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the UK NIHR Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration are among the organisations involved in ICONIC activities.

ICONIC’s activities are a result of collaboration among these organisations. They recently published a report on the activities they have actively undertaken by this autumn. Some of the notable activities include:

  1. Progress on establishing a Quality Assurance Framework and Nutrition for Africa (QAFANA): As a continuation of the work of a working group of ICONIC that developed and escalated a Quality Assurance Framework, initially for anthropometry but eventually for other markers of nutritional wellbeing, they succeeded in establishing two centres for nutritional assessment in Ghana and have started to generate support and engagement at the national level.
  2. Cancer and Nutrition Epidemiology for Africa: Update on CANA’s online grant writing course: As the third year of this pilot course, this year finished with a graduation ceremony where participants were presented with their certificates of attendance.
  3. Participation in the AORTIC conference in Senegal, November 2024.
  4. As a new feature of the ICONIC newsletter, there will now be a conversation with experts in the field of cancer and nutrition. This time, the Meet the Expert is Dr. Elom Agalago from Imperial College London.
  5. Facilitating international collaboration and developing activities in the area of childhood cancers, with the ambition to create a Community of Practice focused on diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer in children, teenagers and young adults (CTYA) that seeks to align research and communication in order to advance the adoption of essential practices and better inform care for young cancer patients; 

For more details about each event, please visit the ICONIC website and make sure to subscribe to their biannual newsletter to stay updated with their activities.