New Physician Resource from the American Society for Nutrition 

The American Society for Nutrition is pleased to introduce RxNutrition, a series of online courses on the fundamentals of nutrition.  Developed by experts in medical nutrition, the latest course focuses on the diagnosis and management of metabolic syndrome.  Prior courses address critical care nutrition and malnutrition in the hospital setting.  The courses are targeted to physicians and advanced care practitioners.

This activity is supported by an independent educational grant from Abbott Nutrition Health Institute.

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‘Nutrition 2024’ Conference in Chicago, Illinois – Save the Date!

The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) announced that its annual meeting, NUTRITION 2024, will take place in Chicago, Illinois, June 29 – July 2, 2024. NUTRITION 2024 is a leading global conference for the nutrition community, exploring developments in clinical and translational nutrition, food science and systems, diet and disease, basic science, global health, and more. Nutrition scientists are invited to share their research and join with clinicians, policy experts, industry, and the media to network and learn for 3.5 exciting days in Chicago.

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Bidding for ICN-2029 is OPEN

Following the 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) held in Tokyo in December 2022, which also saw the election of a new council, the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) is delighted to announce the initiation of the bidding process for the 22nd ICN set to take place in 2029. Additionally, preparations for the 21st ICN, scheduled for 2025, are underway.

Official invitations have been sent out to all of IUNS’s adhering bodies, inviting their participation in the bidding process for hosting ICN-2029. However, IUNS wishes to emphasize the importance of updated contact information. If your organization, as a member of an adhering body of IUNS, has not received the official invitation from the Secretary-General, it may be due to outdated contact details. To ensure that your organization remains well-informed, please take a moment to review and update your contact information through this webform or reach out to the secretariat for assistance.

For those who aspire to become a volunteer host for the 22nd ICN in 2029, your adhering body must submit a formal Letter of Intent to host ICN-2029 by January 30, 2024, before midnight GMT. The Letter of Intent should bear the signatures of the Current President or equivalent and another board member and must include the following information:

1. Proposed ICN-2029 location, specifying the city and country.

2. Plenary hall details, including capacity and facilities.

3. Break-out room information, specifying the number and dimensions.

4. Nearby hotel options for participants.

5. Accessibility for international delegates.

Upon receipt of your Letter of Intent, our team will provide comprehensive guidance through the bidding process.

The IUNS eagerly awaits receiving Letters of Intent from prospective hosts, with the aspiration that ICN-2029 will continue to foster global collaboration and innovation in the field of nutrition. For further inquiries and submission guidelines, please visit the IUNS website.

EIT Food Announces Sponsorship of Year-long Online Course on Nutrition for Health and Sustainability

EIT Food, a leading European initiative that focuses on innovating the food system, has unveiled its latest endeavour to promote health and sustainability. The organisation is set to sponsor a comprehensive online course titled “Nutrition for Health and Sustainability,” which will be available for an entire year starting from September 4th.

In a world where the significance of nutrition is becoming increasingly apparent, EIT Food’s initiative comes as a timely and impactful contribution. The free online course is tailored to equip participants with essential insights into crafting a nutritious diet, thereby empowering them to safeguard against diseases and enhance overall well-being. By exploring the intricate relationship between food, nutrition, diets, and sustainability, participants will gain the tools to assess human health across various life stages more effectively.

The course, aptly named “Nutrition for Health and Sustainability,” comprises three modules of comprehensive learning, spread over a total of 12 hours. These modules will delve into the core aspects of nutrition, enlightening participants on the components of a wholesome diet and highlighting the pivotal role played by specific foods in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

One of the distinctive features of this program is its emphasis on the interplay between nutrition and sustainability. As the world grapples with ecological challenges, understanding how dietary choices impact both personal health and the environment is of paramount importance. EIT Food’s course bridges this gap by fostering awareness of the broader implications of our food choices.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a coveted Learning Certificate, a testament to their dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the dynamic agrifood sector. This certificate not only showcases their commitment but also underscores their role as informed contributors to a sustainable food future.

As the curtains rise on this transformative course, EIT Food stands at the forefront of championing a healthier and more sustainable world through knowledge, awareness, and education.

Additional information can be located in the document below.

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International Symposium on Dietary Protein for Human Health to Convene in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Registration and Abstract Submission Now Open for the Symposium Scheduled for 14 – 16 September 2023

Scientists, researchers, and experts in the field of nutrition are invited to attend the highly anticipated International Symposium: Dietary Protein for Human Health in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Co-organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), two prominent universities, and in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the three-day event aims to shed light on the vital role of protein in human nutrition, health, and overall well-being.

The Symposium will encompass a diverse range of topics, including protein nutrition and its implications for health, amino acid requirements, digestibility, and availability. Distinguished researchers from around the world will deliver presentations and engage in discussions on dietary protein quality, assessing its influence on growth, development, and whole-body protein metabolism. Additionally, the event will explore the future sustainability of protein sources and their impact on global food security.

Building upon the success of the previous summit held in Auckland, New Zealand in 2011, this Symposium promises to be a landmark event, attracting international leaders in protein nutrition and related fields. It will serve as an authoritative platform, providing an update on the latest scientific advancements that hold critical importance for human welfare and sustainable food practices.

Prospective attendees are encouraged to register for the Symposium and submit their abstracts to share their groundbreaking research and insights with the global scientific community. The event offers a unique opportunity for networking, collaboration, and gaining knowledge from leading experts in the field.

Don’t miss this chance to contribute to the advancement of dietary protein research and its impact on human health and food security. Secure your place at the International Symposium: Dietary Protein for Human Health and join the quest for a healthier and sustainable future

For registration and abstract submission, please visit the official Symposium website.

7th June, Food safety day, Food safety, everyone’s business

Proper nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars of good health. However, this pillar can only fulfil its rightful role when it reaches the consumer in the right manner. If nutrition fails to reach the consumer properly, it can even become a determinant of health. But the one thing that can ensure that nutrition will not be a determining factor is nothing but food safety.

Every year, on June 7th, a day is dedicated to honouring the efforts of 188 countries and one organization (the European Union) that tirelessly work to ensure that food is unquestionably free from any hazards and safe for consumption. This day is named World Food Safety Day, recognizing the ongoing commitment and activities undertaken to guarantee the safety of our food.

In short codex, or Codex Alimentarius Commission, is the international food safety and quality standard-setting body, where this assurance and peace of mind come to fruition.

From the moment you feel about eating something, starting with the first step of washing your hands and ensuring the cleanliness of utensils, you are unknowingly fulfilling your role to ensure that you eliminate all possibilities that could jeopardize your health. However, when it comes time to use the purchased food items, you don’t hesitate for a moment. Without anyone prompting you, you have the reassurance of a monitoring system meticulously examining all the details to ensure that no factors related to the food endanger your well-being. Behind the scenes, a trust-based relationship is at play, establishing the framework of food safety.

The International Union of Nutritional Science (IUNS) has a long-standing relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

No longer after FAO was founded in 1945, the first joint meeting between FAO and WHO in the field of nutrition, food additives and related areas took place in 1950. IUNS was subsequently granted expert ‘ Specialized Consultative Status ‘in relation to the work of FAO and other organisations such as CIOMS, IICD and UNESCO.

In the cycle of food security, your role in implementing food security is determined by where you stand in this cycle. As an individual working in a government organization or someone actively involved in the food business, whether it be in the food industry, restaurants, or supermarkets, it doesn’t matter. In any case, you have an influential role in implementing food security in the community because food safety is everyone’s business.

Teaching about basic food safety is an issue that needs to be addressed from a young age in schools and continued through adulthood. It is important to provide education and awareness on this subject so that individuals, as they grow older, are familiar with it and can assess whether food safety practices are being followed in their work environments or not. As food safety is an essential factor in any workplace. And we all need food that is safe, and Food Safety Day is an opportunity to learn how to buy, store, cook and eat while we are sure that food stays safe.

One of the main activities of the IUNS is to study and investigate the current challenges of nutrition on a global scale through task forces. These task forces, supported by the IUNS, align with the goals set by the World Health Organization, which are also based on the fundamental principles of food security.

The IUNS invites all those who prioritise their own health and the health of others as stakeholders aligned with the goals and objectives of the World Health Organization. It encourages them to utilize the tools provided by Codex to take even small steps towards improving food security. The hope is to witness a decrease in the current alarming statistics, which indicate that 1 in every 10 individuals worldwide falls ill due to the consumption of unhealthy food. This is concerning considering there are over 200 different diseases threatening global health, with contaminated food being responsible for approximately 5 million annual deaths worldwide due to infections, a significant portion of which can be attributed to contaminated food.

Dr Prakash former Vice President of IUNS was honoured with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the International Rice Bran Oil Association.

With great pride and honour, Dr Vish Prakash, the past Vice President of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), was recently bestowed with a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Rice Bran Oil Association. This recognition is a testament to his significant contributions to Rice Bran oil science, technology, nutrition, and regulations, establishing it as a safe and healthy oil option.
India, renowned as the largest producer of Rice Bran oil worldwide, was the perfect backdrop for the momentous occasion. The award was presented by the esteemed International Rice Bran Oil Association from Vietnam, in collaboration with the Solvent Extractors Association of India, during their International Meeting held in Hyderabad in May 2023.
Dr Prakash, a prominent figure in the industry, addressed the distinguished gathering during the event. His insightful speech highlighted the imperative need for sustainable practices in promoting Rice Bran oil amidst the global agenda of reducing the impact of global warming.
Dr Prakash’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes his exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication to advancing the knowledge and understanding of Rice Bran oil. This recognition underscores the immense value he has brought to this beneficial oil’s scientific, technological, nutritional, and regulatory aspects.
The IUNS congratulates the success of Dr Prakash and honours the recognition of him as an influential and impactful scientist in nutrition.

July 22-25: Annual flagship meeting of American Society of Nutrition, NUTRITION 2023

Nutrition experts and professionals worldwide are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Nutrition 2023 conference, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from July 22-25, 2023. This annual conference has established a reputation for offering groundbreaking research, distinguished speakers, and unparalleled networking opportunities, making it one of the most sought-after events in the field.

Registration for the conference is now open, and interested parties can register at the official website, A variety of registration types are available, including

  • ASN Member,
  • Early Career Member,
  • Student Member,
  • Emeritus Member,
  • A special pricing is available for IUNS sister societies. For further information, interested individuals can contact

It is important to note the following key dates:

  • Early registration deadline: April 28th,
  • Advanced registration deadline: June 9th,
  • Housing deadline: June 9th. Attendees are advised to secure their accommodations before the deadline to avoid disappointment.

The conference program is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of attendees, with scientific symposia and educational sessions, original research studies presented in oral and poster sessions and flash talks, award lectures delivered by distinguished leaders, and professional and career development opportunities. In addition, special sessions and events planned by ASN’s vibrant scientific communities known as Groups Engaging Members (GEMs) will provide valuable opportunities for attendees to network and engage with peers from around the world. The latest technology, services, and products in the field will also be available for attendees to access.

For further information about Nutrition 2023, please visit their website.

This conference represents an exceptional opportunity for nutrition professionals to connect with and learn from some of the most respected experts in the field, and should not be missed.

A new survey by British Nutrition Foundation about healthy ultra-processed foods

A recent survey by the British Nutrition Foundation reveals an increasing concern about ultra-processed foods. However, the survey also highlights that certain ultra-processed foods can be part of a balanced diet and offer convenience to busy individuals. The term “ultra-processed foods” refers to industrially processed foods containing additives. While sugary drinks, pastries, and takeaway items fall into this category, foods like wholemeal bread, breakfast cereals, baked beans, pasta sauces, and fruit yogurts are also classified as ultra-processed. These foods provide essential nutrients and can be an affordable and quick option for a balanced meal. The survey shows that people often associate ready meals, vegetarian meat alternatives, and packaged breakfast cereals with ultra-processed foods. However, fewer respondents classified items like baked beans, low-fat fruit yogurts, ice cream, and sliced bread as ultra-processed. The survey suggests that while cooking from scratch is ideal, incorporating healthier processed foods can make healthy eating more accessible and convenient. The study emphasizes the need to make healthy eating affordable and easier for everyone.

There is a published paper in Nutrition Bulletin, entitled How do we differentiate not demonise – Is there a role for healthier processed foods in an age of food insecurity? Proceedings of a roundtable event.

This is accompanied by an editorial by Professor Ciaran Forde Processing the evidence to evaluate mechanisms, costs and future solutions.

In addition, the British Nutrition Foundation published its Position statement on the concept of UPF on its website, along with an accompanying press release.

XXVII Brazilian Congress of Nutrology: Global Experts and Cutting-Edge Research Unite

São Paulo, Brazil – The XXVII Brazilian Congress of Nutrology (CBN) is set to take place from September 21 to 23, 2023, at the prestigious Frei Caneca Convention Center. Organized by the Brazilian Association of Nutrology (ABRAN), the event promises to be a milestone in the field of medical nutrition, featuring a distinguished lineup of international speakers and an array of captivating topics.

Renowned experts from various countries will grace the Congress with their presence, sharing their expertise and insights on the latest advancements in nutrology. Among the esteemed speakers scheduled to appear are Prof. Dr. Lisandro Alberto Garcia from Argentina, Dr. Any Ferreira Heyn, President of FELANPE (Latin American Federation of Nutritional Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, and Metabolism), and Dr. Rafael Figueredo Grijalba from Paraguay. Other notable participants include Dra. Eloisa Garcia Velasquez from Ecuador, Dr. Marcelo Yaffé from Uruguay, and Dr. Eugenio Cersosimo, Dr. Kenneth Christopher, and Dra. Leah D. Whigham from the United States.

During the three-day event, a wide range of subjects will be discussed, encompassing Obesity, Sports Nutrology,Nutropediatrics, Nutrogeriatrics, Eating Disorders, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. Attendees can expect to be engaged by thought-provoking presentations, meticulous analyses, and groundbreaking research findings.

Prof. Dr. Durval Ribas Filho, President of ABRAN, expressed his anticipation for this year’s Congress, emphasizing the aim to further enhance its international prominence and attract a larger audience from Latin America. “For more than two decades, CBN has been responsible for updating knowledge and sharing experiences and is considered the largest Latin American congress of medical nutrition, addressing subjects of interest to doctors, other health professionals, and students who will apply this knowledge in their future practice and disseminate it,” he emphasized.

Registration for CBN 2023 is now open, offering interested individuals the opportunity to secure their attendance at this highly anticipated event. For more information and registration, visit the official website at

The XXVII Brazilian Congress of Nutrology, organized by ABRAN, will undoubtedly serve as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, reaffirming Brazil’s position as a leading force in the field of medical nutrition.