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14th FENS Conference: Celebrating Success in Belgrade

In a resounding celebration of global collaboration and advancements in nutritional sciences, the 14th FENS (Federation of European Nutrition Societies) Conference unfolded in Belgrade, Serbia, from November 14 to 17. This momentous event, organised by FENS, a valued partner of the IUNS, brought together 1500 participants from across the globe.

A notable highlight of the conference was the presentation of the FENS Award to Professor Francesco Visioli, a distinguished figure renowned for his substantial contributions to the fields of nutrition and biochemistry. Professor Visioli’s research on the health benefits of bioactive compounds found in foods has significantly shaped the industry.

During the General Assembly on November 14, the conference witnessed the election of new FENS board members. Of particular importance was the appointment of Professor Sladjana Sobajic as the new president of FENS. Also, at the General Assembly, they agreed to launch a Task Force dedicated to enhancing standards in nutritional science. This initiative continues the work of FENS working groups over the last four years. It aims to establish and promote rigorous benchmarks, ensuring the highest quality research, and fostering advancements in the field for the benefit of professionals and the public.

The conference served as a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the realm of nutrition, with 750 abstracts submitted. This underscored the commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the global scientific community.