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Nourishing Diversity: Building Inclusive Teams in Nutrition and Why it Matters

A significant body of evidence shows that diverse teams and inclusive environments result in higher quality and more impactful research. However, challenges in creating diverse teams and inclusive cultures can involve (but are not limited to) institutional and attitudinal barriers (such as racism, white fragility, ableism, homophobia etc.) as well as very real fears of making mistakes and not knowing where to start. In addressing these challenges, openness and authenticity are essential for learning, followed by putting that learning into action. 

Who conducts the research inextricably impacts how research is done. It is well established that diverse teams lead to better outputs and have a greater impact. Knowing how to find, recruit, on-board, support and promote a diverse team to enable an inclusive, productive and creative environment is an important core set of competencies for any professional, including those currently in a leadership role or those aspiring to become team leaders.  Similarly, being part of a team, and knowing how to contribute to productive and inclusive cultures is an essential skill set for all of us. 

While this workshop will focus on research environments, the content will support learning and competency development across multiple sectors to create understanding and the awareness and application of strategies to form inclusive teams in a variety of settings. 

The Canadian Nutrition Society is thus having a mini virtual conference on Wednesday, 26th June 2024 from 12:00 pm – 3:35 pm (ET) to talk about “Nourishing Diversity: Building Inclusive Teams in Nutrition and Why it Matters”.

For more information and to register, please visit here.