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IUNS Lifetime Achievement Awards are given to an individual for outstanding contributions to nutrition of regional or global significance working in a developing country.

IUNS Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

  • Anna Lartey (Ghana) , 2022
  • Philip James (UK), 2017
  • Kraisid Tontisirin (Thailand), 2013
  • Barbara A. Underwood (USA), 2009
  • Florentino Solon (The Philippines), 2005
  • Rajammal P. Devadas (India), 2001
  • Noel Solomons (USA), 1997
  • Fernando Mönckeberg Barros (Chile), 1993
  • Coluthur Gopalan (India), 1989
  • T.N. Maletnlema (Tanzania), 1985

Nomination Guidelines

The President will appoint a chairperson and a committee of not less than 5 members of IUNS to consider nominations for IUNS Lifetime Achievement Awards. The committee will have geographic representation and will be anonymous.

The Secretariat will circulate to all Adhering Bodies and widely among international nutrition groups at least 12 months prior to selection a description of the award, qualifications of recipients and procedures for nomination.

Nominations shall be received by the IUNS Secretariat at least 6 months in advance of selection. The Secretariat will circulate all qualifying nominations and supporting documents to the chairperson and members of the selection committee.

The Chairperson of the committee will be responsible for correspondence with the committee and their deliberations in evaluating candidates to be recommended to the President. The committee will rank all nominations and make a recommendation of one nominee to the President for each award.