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Upcoming Webinars from the Canadian Nutrition Society

There are several upcoming Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) webinars this month.

16th May: Dietary Counselling as a Therapeutic Approach for Mood and Anxiety Disorders – Application of New Clinical Trial Findings

Discover dietary counselling as a therapeutic approach for mood and anxiety disorders with speakers Monique Aucoin, ND MSc, and Laura Lachance, MD MSc. Gain insights and practical strategies from new clinical findings.

Explore how diet influences mental health and learn when dietary counselling can be safely provided. Discover the latest clinical trials, including the world’s first using dietary counselling to treat generalized anxiety disorder. 

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31st May: Nourishing the brain: Enhancing Brain Myelination and Cognition in Children via Early Nutrition

Join us as we explore nourishing the brain and enhancing cognition in children through early nutrition. Dr. Deoni, Director of the Advanced Baby Imaging Lab at Brown University, will 

delve Into the critical first 1000 days of brain growth and cognitive development.

Discover the fascinating interplay between brain microstructure changes, neurodevelopment, and the delivery of essential nutrients during this pivotal period. Gain insights into non-invasive methods for investigating early neurodevelopment and the profound impact of nutrition on brain myelination and cognitive function.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest research findings and the potential to optimize neurodevelopment through improved nutrition.

Looking for more information about this webinar? Visit here.

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