Registration is now open for the highly anticipated International Symposium: Dietary Protein for Human Health, set to take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 14th to 16th September 2023. Organised in collaboration with FAO, leading universities, and the IAEA, the event will unite global experts to explore the critical role of protein in human nutrition, health, and food sustainability. Don’t miss the chance to participate and contribute to this landmark scientific gathering. Secure your spot today and be part of the quest for a healthier future.

Giract European PhD in Flavor Research Awards – 14th Edition

Applications deadline: 31st October 2023
Promoting Flavor Research amongst PhD Students in Europe

Giract is proud to announce that, following the success of its unique and innovative programme to promote flavor research amongst PhD students in Europe across various universities and institutes, 9 industry sponsors will continue to support the programme, now in its 14th year. This consortium aims to raise awareness of the industry and career opportunities in order to increase the flavor research talent pool in Europe.

Food and Agricultural Immunology – Editor Recruitment

The journal Food and Agricultural Immunology is looking for a new Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board Members and Peer Reviewers to drive the journal forward and expand our understanding of the interaction between food and immune systems.

7th June, Food safety day, Food safety, everyone’s business

Proper nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars of good health. However, this pillar can only fulfil its rightful role when it reaches the consumer in the right manner. If nutrition fails to reach the consumer properly, it can even become a determinant of health. But the one thing that can ensure that nutrition will not be a determining factor is nothing […]

Beans, pulses and nuts

International Symposium: Dietary Protein for Human Health

Abstract submission and registration is now open for this 3-day symposium in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The symposium will cover a broad range of topics concerning the role of protein in human nutrition, health and well-being. 

Presentations and discussion topics: on protein nutrition and health; amino acid requirements; amino acid digestibility and availability; dietary protein quality, including PDCAAS and DIAAS; influence of protein quality; influence of protein quality on growth and development and on whole-body protein metabolism; protein and future food sustainability.